Why Sree Vishnu's Films Have Found A Huge Fan Base Among Movie Lovers?

Why Sree Vishnu's Films Have Found A Huge Fan Base Among Movie Lovers?

4 Mar 21 @ 4:47 PM | By Satya

Sree Vishnu - this young Telugu actor might not be a star hero, nor does he have a 50 crore or 100 crore grossing movie. But, he is regarded as one of the best actors of the current lot in Tollywood. Sree Vishnu is a very committed actor who knows his strengths and weaknesses. He is superb at script selection and his natural acting made sure most of those films work well at the box office too.

His immediate next release Gaali Sampath too looks very promising as he will share the screen with Rajendra Prasad. Anil Ravipudi's inclusion in the crew has created a good amount of buzz. Sree Vishnu's films have now found a fan base that is eagerly waiting for Gaali Sampath's release. Here, we listed out how Sree Vishnu earned a fan base for his work and why each of his films is anticipated eagerly.

Diverse Script Selection:

Sree Vishnu started off as a character artist who would appear in small cameos. He was part of films like Baanam, Solo, Life Is Beautiful, S/O Satyamurthy, etc. Sree played one of the 3 male leads in Prema Ishq Kaadhal which is an underrated gem by the way. He then went back to playing character roles and cameos. He played one of the leads in Appatlo Okadundevadu along with Nara Rohit, his actor-friend who has been supporting him all the time. This film too is regarded as one of the best movies of the past decade but did not do that well at the box office.

All these small yet content-oriented films were just proof of his solid script selection while there’s something big coming up. The real big turning point came when his films Mental Madhilo and Needi Naadi Oke Katha received a fantastic reception from the audience. Though not huge blockbusters, they received superb reviews and gave the much-needed, deserved break for Sree Vishnu as an actor. Sree Vishnu gave a fantastic performance in both these films.

Brochevarevarura can be regarded as the first legitimate blockbuster in Sree Vishnu’s career. He earned a huge fan base with this film which was successful both at the theatres and on the OTT Platform. There was certain ease with which he performed in this film and his comedy timing was nothing short of epic. His next film Thippara Meesam received a decent response from the critics and a mixed response from the audience. His first release of 2021, Gaali Sampath has created a huge buzz even before the release and is eagerly awaited by movie lovers.

All of these movies are very diverse and are across various genres. To do a film like Needi Naadi Oke Katha after a light-hearted rom-com like Mental Madhilo, and to come up with a fun-filled drama like Gaali Sampath after an intense subject like Thippara Meesam needs good judgment of script.

The uniqueness of Sree Vishnu:

Over the years, Sree Vishnu has become a brand for quality films that offer loads of entertainment but with great sensibility. He has impeccable comedy timing and can emote well too. These qualities earned him a niche fan base of movie lovers who would watch all of his movies irrespective of the movie’s box office result. These 2 qualities and his good script selection make his next - Gaali Sampath all the more interesting. The reason is that he would be sharing the screen with one more actor with similar qualities - the legendary Rajendra Prasad. Sree Vishnu is a competent actor and his combination with Rajendra Prasad is expected to set the screens on fire. Their comedy timing is fantastic while they excel in emotional scenes.

Going by the trailer, Gaali Sampath seems to have all the qualities of a Sree Vishnu film. Loads of fun, emotional depth, great performances, good music, and great production values.

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