Solo Brathuke So Better Review: Outstandingly Routine Fun

Solo Brathuke So Better Review: Outstandingly Routine Fun

25 Dec 20 @ 5:01 PM | By GitacharYa

The premise 

Though this writer is instructed to write reviews in a particular template, he always try to differentiate his one movie review from another in terms of his writing style, choice of words or by even interchanging the headers. But unfortunately, he has to change that this time. He has to use his oft repeated phrase early in the review: We have seen it all. 

Yes. We have seen it all

We have seen it all. Is how we have to and can describe Solo Brathuke So Better better. It also followed the oft repeated template. A hero with a philosophy. We all know that that philosophy won’t stand the test of time and he’ll be a changed man. In between we come across a host of characters like a father played by Naresh or Murli Sharma or a new face depending on budget. An uncle who’s either influencing him or has an influential position in the plot of the story. And most probably that uncle is Rao Ramesh. 

A few friends who always support him without logics. Of course, they’re are friends after all. And emotions, not logics, define relationships. Here the philosophy of our hero is Solo Brathuke So Better. After a few funny introduction scenes, our hero dances and comes up with a song. In between a couple of well registered comedy scenes (depending on the director’s capability). 

So, what next? Heroine comes. But the director Subbu has given a big twist in this case. He didn’t introduce the heroine character nearly for about 50 minutes. Till then we have to put up with the hero and his gang. But these scenes did well to drive the point of the film however routine it is. Nabha Natesh who made her debut with Nannu Dochukunduvate was hailed as a livewire at that time. She’s still a livewire and doubly so. She’s charming. Gorgeous. And emoted well with apt histrionics. 

So, we know how it all ends. In between there are a couple of lectures from Rao Ramesh (surprise! Surprise!) and Rajendra Prasad in another good role. But (SPOILER: he comes only in the second half. 


Sai Dharam Tej carried the film on his shoulders. But Naresh who’s a natural in comedy and Nabha Natesh aptly supported him. Other senior actors did what was expected of them without standing out. Just like the entities in a chemical solution (mixture). SDT improved himself and eased up. The dialogue delivery is neat and his hilarious acts when speaking about SBSB philosophy is freaking good. 

Writing and direction

The writing of the film is good in patches as it’s an outstandingly routine film with outstandingly routine narration. The twists are so good that we can guess before they happen. But they’re well executed. Lockdown or whatever it is didn’t effect the creativity of our filmmakers (of course, this film’s shoot must have been completed before lockdown itself. But as a film that started the opening of theatres in a proper manner in Teluguland, Solo Brathuke So Better is a neat and decent watch for one time. 

The crew

The music of the movie is peppy and the background score is consistent with Thaman’s outstandingly routinely better works. The cinematography is excellent. The editing should have been merciless in chopping off at least 20 minutes of the film to make it crisp and hence a better watch did an average job. 

May be the makers want to test if the audience are capable of sitting in the theatres maintaining social distance for not less than two hours. As a 90 minute fun watch, Solo Brathuke So Better would have been a better watch. 

The art department did a fine job. The locations and set-work are good and colourful. The production values are first rate pertaining to a medium range star hero film. 


So, the post lockdown Telugu cinema watching starts with an outstandingly routine movie which is good in a way. There’s no need for common audience to rush to theatres. Solo Brathuke So Better is a decent entertainer which could have been a better film had it been presented either in a shorter version or with a bit more depth to the hero’s characterisation. Okay! Enjoy!


  • Good to see films back in theatres
  • Sai Dharam Tej's almost one-man show is decent
  • Nabha Natesh is a livewire despite having a template Telugu heroine role
  • Music (to an extent)


  • Outstandingly routine narration
  • Followed the template to the T

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

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