Skin Color - Measuring Scale Of Talent?

Skin Color - Measuring Scale Of Talent?

26 Aug 20 @ 12:05 PM | By Divya Nair

Film industry is also called 'show' industry for obvious reasons. The USP for artists, especially the women, is 'beauty' rather than 'talent'. And we know how beauty is defined in our country - fair skinned are considered beautiful and the fad is explicit. But does the color of skin show the mirror to an artist's abilities? It is an emphatic NO.

We have seen actresses with lighter skin color getting roles merely due to their appearance to be used as an eye candy in most of the Indian films. But the performance-driven roles go to the talented dusky ladies. This holds true to all language film industries. A dusky Aishwarya Rajesh is a much better actress than her fairer contemporaries who get sloppy roles, as that of being the hero's muse. Roopa Koduvayur, the new-found talent in Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopsya acted like a proven veteran actress and the audience hardly noticed her skin color. Another actress Nimisha Sajayyan, a first timer won a state award for her role in Thondimuthalum Driksaakshiyum. The dusky young lady is super-confident in her own skin and has vouched for a no-make up look whenever the role demanded.

Our hero-driven film industry must explore content and tap the hidden potential of actresses especially those with darker skin shades. And we wonder why the film makers believe that audience accept only glam dolls. 

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