Saranga Dariya... A Fabricated Controversy?

Saranga Dariya... A Fabricated Controversy?

12 Mar 21 @ 7:10 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

A lot was heard about the controversy of the folk song Saranga Dariya from the upcoming romantic entertainer Love Story. While Sai Pallavi's stellar dance performance is one major highlight, the controversy erupted around the song has been another reason for the song to go viral. However, the controversy ended on a happy note with director Sekhar Kammula issuing a clarification. 

How it started

Soon after the release of the song, a folk singer named Komali appeared before media channels alleging the makers. She claimed that despite promising her to give due credit, makers ignored her calls. She also called it discrimination towards rural folk talents. 

How it Ended

With the controversy getting heated up, Sekhar Kammula finally decided to put an end to it. In a long post, he clarified the whole incident and promised to give Komali due credits and also remuneration. 

But... the whole issue has given rise to the doubt, why Sekhar remained silent until the issue gets heated up? And, an inside talk suggests that this controversy is a hoax, and is created to generate hype for the film. Nowadays, negativity spreads faster than positivity, and this is said to have propelled the makers to stir up controversy. But as things might turn worse, they might have ended by issuing a clarification.

Well, even if this is a fabricated controversy or not, the film has definitely garnered much craze by now.

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