Samantha’s Silence - A Violent Response To Pooja?

Samantha’s Silence - A Violent Response To Pooja?

4 Aug 20 @ 6:06 PM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

Samantha is one of the biggest stars in South Indian Cinema and herself a great actress. But these days, she’s more in news down negative things than for glorious reviews of her stellar performances. Especially, her spat with her junior Pooja Hegde attracted the eyeballs of trolls. When Pooja posted an offending image of Sam and later apologised saying her account was hacked, Samantha should have taken it in stride and ended the matter.

But she trolled Pooja with her friends openly. It has then went out of hand and every funny gesture made by Pooja is now taken as a tit for tat reply by her to Samantha by the fans and trolls. Even Akhil’s Most Eligible Bachelor poster is also considered a response to Samantha. But thankfully, Samantha kept mum over this - she might have learned from her mistake during 1:Nenokkadine. If Most Eligible Bachelor poster is part of the story of the film like 1:Nenokkkadine's poster from a song, there is nothing to get offended.

Let’s see if this silence is part of Sam’s growth as a senior actress among the current crop.

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