Rise And Fall Of Uday Kiran Before The Eyes Of A Noted Writer

Rise And Fall Of Uday Kiran Before The Eyes Of A Noted Writer

26 Jun 20 @ 5:03 PM | By Team Pycker

Uday Kiran was the first star of the new millennium. In an unprecedented happening in Telugu Cinema, a barely 22 year old skinny guy with not so good dialogue delivery but good and improving acting skills became the heartthrob of the undivided Andhra Pradesh. He was a contemporary of the likes of N. T. R. and superstar Mahesh Babu. All three of them started their careers within a couple of years.

But this guy scored the first blockbuster among the three. In his first visit to Vizag, Uday was recognised on the streets by a few and he was very shy and courteous in handling them. He was the boy next door and people took notice of him with Chitram. But by the time of Nuvvu Nenu, his stardom already peaked and girls used to flock the theatres multiple times just to have a glimpse of his dimpled smile.

This time when he went with Manasantha Nuvve director V. N. Aditya to Vizag, he was surrounded by hundreds of fans. Not the audience who might have taken notice of him in a hit small film. He’s, by this time, a star. Come Manasantha Nuvve, it was Uday Kiran fever all over. When he’s with V. N. Aditya in a hotel, there were already kilometres long queues to watch him. He just came out of the balcony and waved at the people with a warm smile, with cute dimples, and Vizag roared.

A few years later when he was in flops, the same hotel witnessed silently he was ignored by everyone. When he was waiting in the lobby for a director who took an appointment with him, a married woman with a kid approached him and said to him: I was your biggest fan before my marriage.

It was at this moment, it’s dawned upon him that his stardom is already over and all his fans (college girls) are married and their priorities changed. He might not have lost the dimpled smile but it drove him the realisation that life failed him big time. He was never the same, says noted writer Lakshmi Bhupala. He further added director V. N. Aditya is a witness to all this.


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