Ridiculous To Call Akhanda Teaser Record Fake

Ridiculous To Call Akhanda Teaser Record Fake

24 Apr 21 @ 12:52 PM | By GitacharYa

Of course, he is out of form. Granted, he has no craze among the general youth. Fact, his last three films are disasters. But calling his latest achievement fake or doctored or publicity stunt is ridiculous. To stress like it’s done like a Spell from Harry Potter world - Riddikulus! 

The reason is simple. Success or failure, Balakrishna’s market never drastically depreciated. His fandom isn’t fickle like in the latest millennium and naughties generation. Apart from the caste fans (we have to accept reality), fans through his father, Balakrishna similar to Chiranjeevi is from a generation where fandom was true and Un-doctored. It was from a time where people used to think of their favourite stars like their family. 

So, the majority of the fans of Balakrishna are not teenagers or in early twenties who generally indulge in surging the trend numbers or YouTube clicks. It is more often than not proved that his fans are generally mature, and are composed of the age groups above 30 or 35 who don’t generally indulge themselves in ridiculous bragging rights. Even if we consider the younger generation of Nandamuri fans, most of them like and fight for N. T. R. Jr. and their love for Balayya is more like respect than star-infatuation. So, inorganic surge in the YouTube views of Akhanda teaser. 

To consider Boyapati is in failures is a joke. Only Vinaya Vidheya Rama was a flop theatrically but it still remains one of the highest grossing Telugu films. It’s been aired multiple times on television with ridiculously good TRP ratings for such a long airing streak. Majority of his films appeal to the family audience and the mass. 

When it comes out to the makers indulging in the act of increasing the view count by paying money, you miss the actual point. Proper mass content has no answer. People love to watch heroism on big screens. It’s an experience in itself. The teaser with Balakrishna in such a drastically different avatar is enough of attraction. Alongside that, the movie has generated good craze thanks to Balakrishna and Boyapati combination based on their previous track record. So, all things considered, the reception the teaser got is appreciable and is well deserved.  

Apart from the above points, we alongside a few others independently verified and checked to find the surge is just 15% more than what could be termed Organic. That means: these are not fake numbers.  

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