RGV World Theatre: Exercise Of Creativity Or Acts Of Perverted Mind?

RGV World Theatre: Exercise Of Creativity Or Acts Of Perverted Mind?

10 Jun 20 @ 6:20 PM | By Bindusri Meduri

RGV - his name is a sensation. A man who only a few can understand, a brilliant director who changed the course of Telugu commercial cinema, delivered many trendsetting films, made films on controversial topics that no one even dares to touch, a person who never hesitate to speak up what he feels, an epitome of controversies, what not, RGV is everything. 

Though he has no proper hit in the recent past, he is in headlines now and then proving that nothing can stop him from making films. He stirred controversy with Lakshmi's NTR and then came up with Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu. While lockdown stopped everyone from getting on to the sets, RGV surprised everyone by announcing a movie on Coronavirus and even released the trailer. 

He has not stopped here and started exploring the web world (which has seen an exponential rise due to lockdown) by launching his own OTT platform RGV World Theatre. He released a film titled CLIMAX which features Mia Malkova in the lead role. Gaining success with his first attempt, RGV's excitement doubled as he announced one more film titled NAKED and released the trailer. 

After Naga Babu's statements on Godse went viral, RGV too reacted on it and announced a film on Godse. Keeping his words, he has now released the first look of the film. Titled The Man Who Killed Gandhi, the poster shows the images of Godse and Gandhi. Interestingly, this film will also be released on RGV's OTT platform. It seems like lockdown has helped RGV found a new path to release his films and make money at the same time. Let's wait to see what more pathbreaking content will he come up in the coming days.

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