RGV Power Star: OTT Profits And Losses Analysis

RGV Power Star: OTT Profits And Losses Analysis

29 Jul 20 @ 3:57 PM | By GitacharYa

Power Star was announced. Power Star stirred emotions among fans. Power Star Fans reacted exactly the same way Ram Gopal Varma expected. And as usual the pirated version of the film was out within hours of its official availability. And Ram Gopal Varma laughed and laughed and laughed!

Well, Power Star was not a film that degraded Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan, rather it could help him in gaining clarity about how to make it big in politics. Whatever you and I think about the film, the film reaped profits. Just how much is the question. That, we’ll answer here. First let us clear a couple of things.

That Ram Gopal Varma utilised the permissions given by the government to shoot films completely is a fact. That he was able to show some employment for film buffs is another fact. The movie is made on a shoestring budget of... well, Rs. 5.78 Lakhs. Even though his paid-trailer ploy didn’t turn out to be what he envisioned, the movie gained a considerable number of paid audience. Means those who paid the full Rs. 150 to watch that 37 minute short film.

The estimation of the paid watchers varies between 55,000 and 1,51,236 as per various estimates. Then on the lower side, the film would have fetched Rs. 82 Lakhs. On the upper side, it would be Rs. 2.27 Cr. (approximately). See, by stirring up the emotions of the fans of Pawan Kalyan, he made around 20x profit in any sort of calculations we consider. The relative silence from the Mega family and the pirated version which is circulated in WhatsApp and Telegram might have contributed to seemingly lower numbers. But it’s still so huge a profit all things considered.

And as a filmmaker, Ram Gopal Varma would like his film to reach maximum number of people. And the pirated version easily reached about 50 lakh handsets (estimation). So, Ram Gopal Varma laughed and laughed and laughed. To success.

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