REVEALED - Amazon's Mystery Behind Removal Of Me From PRIME

REVEALED - Amazon's Mystery Behind Removal Of Me From PRIME

15 Jan 21 @ 12:59 PM | By Bindusri Meduri

Amazon Prime had started a campaign #WhereIsMe by removing ME from its handle and display picture. This came as a surprise to everyone who started guessing possibilities. It also resulted in a hilarious meme fest which took the campaign to next level. Finally, the mystery behind ME removal is exposed. Prime made all this hungama for launching its Mobile Edition (ME) plan in India. Prime associated with telecom service Airtel India to launch this Mobile edition plan, which will provide mobile-only access to all Amazon originals, movies, and shows. 

The mobile edition plan starting at Rs. 89 per month is for one user on one mobile device. With this pack, users will only be able to stream the content in a standard definition through the Prime Video app. However, this plan will not include the other benefits of Prime like shopping, free shipping, ad-free music, etc. that are available under the normal subscription packages.

Prime's rival Netflix already has such a plan pricing at Rs. 199 for the single device user. Known for its minimal subscription charges compared to Netflix, Prime has once again got an edge over Netflix with its Mobile edition pack. But the big issue here is, the mobile edition pack comes bundled with a data pack for Airtel telecom users only. 


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