Retro Review - Kaakha Kaakha - A Flamboyant And Menacing Cop Thriller

Retro Review - Kaakha Kaakha - A Flamboyant And Menacing Cop Thriller

28 Mar 20 @ 5:09 PM | By Divya Nair

Retro Review - We present the reviews of some of the films that offer great cinematic experience as if they are released now (currently). We present the content in such a way that we have just come out of the theater and penned out our thoughts fresh. You can enjoy the reviews and relive the moments in a different way. And try to watch the films like they're new, once again.

Today, we recommend a stylishly audacious cop thriller film from Kollywood - Kaakha Kaakha

Director - Gautham Menon
Producer - Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Music - Harris Jayaraj
Cast - Suriya, Jyothika, Jeevan, Daniel Balaji, Devadarshini

Gautham Menon's Kaakha Kaakha is completely for action lovers who love believable story lines. The cop thriller is a path-breaking film which was made stylishly having the right mix of action, romance and above all a deft screenplay. The director was inspired to make the film after he read about the bravery of encounter specialists and how their families too were threatened.


Anbuselvan IPS (Suriya) - ACP Crime Branch - Chennai city, is an honest and daring cop who hardly felt intimidated by the goons who ruled the city. Being a single man, he was fearless, unlike the other police officers who feared for the safety of their families. Suriya has done his role with aplomb and we cannot imagine anyone in his role. He was graceful, audacious, stylish and makes the audience salute him. Anbuselvan and his cop friends Srikanth (Daniel Balaji), Arul and Ilamaran are recruited to the special unit of the police team to fight the organised crime thriving in the city. They called themselves the untouchables as they were ruthless and killed the members of the crime gangs in skilled encounters. But the human rights unit dismantle the team due to their brutal ways of eliminating the goons. However, when a prominent producer's kid is killed, the team is called back.

Anbuselvan, on one of his patrolling duties meets Maya (Jyothika), a school teacher. Though she dislikes him initially, their few accidental meetings paves way for mutual respect which blossoms into romance. Thanks to the matured and dignified performances of both, the romantic angle has a class and the lead actors make the audience root for them. The romance is convincing and the heroine is level-headed who does not go around the hero with her silly dialogues or pranks, we were so used to seeing in Tamil films. Jyothika is given an equally important role and she was a beauty with brains in the film.

Their romance is short-lived as Anbuselvan eliminates Sethu, a dreaded goon and he faces life threats from Sethu's brother Pandya (Jeevan). Pandya challenges Anbuselvan and he eliminates Ilamaran, Srikanth's wife Swati (Devadarshini) and kidnaps Maya. The film ends with Pandya killing Maya and Anbuselvan tracking and killing Pandya. Anbuselvan moves ahead in life continuing with his police duty but still pining for his love Maya.

Support Cast and Technical Team

Daniel Balaji and Devadarshini formed a cute pair. Balaji was terrific as the daring cop and also as the vulnerable husband who feared for his wife's safety. Jeevan, as the villain, exuded fear and his body language was pitch-perfect with the menacing portrayal of the antagonist. The high-point of the film was the music by Harris Jayaraj. Be it the romantic Uyirin Uyire and Ondra Renda tracks or the thumping background score, Harris has elevated the mood of the film. Cinematography capturing the frames of the city was top class. The slick editing is another feather in the cap for the film.

The Craftsman

Gautham Menon, the filmmaker has given a stylish film with the perfect dose of action and romance. The non-linear screenplay and the voice over was unique and we know why the film is a cult hit. We know that Gautham always showed his heroines in a beautiful and dignified manner, something many other filmmakers should incorporate in their films. He has extracted the best out of Suriya and Jyothika and we believe that the on-screen romance turned real after this film as the lead pair were married post the film.

Take Away

For those who love to watch a mass film, there are enough hero-elevating scenes like the one where Anbuselvan threatens an eve-teaser. For those who look for a class film - The hero has given a subdued performance, Suriya's exudes dignity in his portrayal of the top cop. Jyothika has ditched her silly gimmicks and is elegance personified. Music lovers can play the tracks on the loop.

Go ahead and watch it, what are you waiting for!

Rating - 3.5/5

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