Retro Review - Ghajini - A Racy Action Thriller

Retro Review - Ghajini - A Racy Action Thriller

28 Apr 20 @ 4:52 PM | By Divya Nair

Retro Review - We present the reviews of some of the films that offer great cinematic experience as if they are released now (currently). We present the content in such a way that we have just come out of the theater and penned out our thoughts fresh. You can enjoy the reviews and relive the moments in a different way. And try to watch the films like they're new, once again.

For those looking for some uber-cool stylish characters and some racy action we have a recommendation - Go For Ghajini.

Director - AR Murugadoss

Music - Harris Jayaraj

Cast - Suriya, Asin, Nayanthara, Pradeep Rawat

AR Murugadoss' Ghajini explores the life of a rich and young entrepreneur whose life takes a turn for worse after his romantic bliss is short-lived due to the brutal murder of his lover. The impact of the attack on him and his pursuit to trace his lover's murderer is what this 3 hour long film is about.


The film shows a tonsured, intimidating and tattooed man with piercing eyes who lives in a dingy apartment with notes pasted all over, diaries, photos stuck everywhere and he constantly rummages through it. It makes you cringe initially due to the mannerisms of the protagonist. The police are chasing the guy for a murder he had committed in the cellar of a mall. Having done his job, he clicks a pic of the victim and leaves. The police inspector traces the whereabouts of the murderer, enters his creepy workstation and knocks him unconscious. He finds the diaries of the strange looking guy. 

He opens the diary - Meet the stylish, handsome and super-confident business tycoon Sanjay Ramaswamy (Suriya) who owns the Air Voice Mobile Company. He has a penchant for style and substance as is shown in some of the initial scenes where he ends a speech about confidence and overconfidence - which became a quotable quote back then. He happens to meet an aspiring model Kalpana (Asin) and falls head over heels in love with her. He too poses as an aspiring model (Manohar) to get acquainted with her. Hiding the fact that he is the top boss of a successful company, he gets close to her and decides to keep it a secret until she accepts his love. 

But, being the right time to bring a twist at this stage, Kalpana reveals to Manohar how she had saved a group of girls from human trafficking enroute her official trip. The kingpin behind the organised trade is Lakshman (Pradeep Rawat) who traces Kalpana and kills her in her flat. Manohar witnesses this and he too is brutally attacked leaving him with a medical condition called  anterograde amnesia (he can remember things for not more than 15 minutes)

He with the help of tattoos, polaroid instant camera, diary notes, photographs and of course with the help of a medical student Chitra (Nayanthara) pursuing his case hunts down his lover's killers and we know what happens next.


Post Khakaa Khakaa, Suriya re-established himself as a class and mass hero of the industry. He was convincing in all three roles - the affluent and shrewd business magnate, the romantic lover and the bruised and battered vengeance-seeking lover battling amnesia. Kudos to the actor for pulling off all the shades in the role with finesse. 

His eyes and body language worked wonders for the role. His homework for the role is evident. He had also taken up a rigorous workout regime for getting a toned physique. Asin as Kalpana was witty and chirpy. She was fresh, innocent and sensuous too. In what could be the worst role for the present lady superstar Nayanthara, her role of Chitra was a complete let down. Pradeep Rawat looked menacing as the film's villain but does not give you shivers.

The Ghajini Maker

AR Murugadoss has shown that he is a promising filmmaker - a man who knows his art and craft with his earlier films - Ajith's Dheena and Vijayakanth's Ramana. Ghajini elevated him further and showed that he is here to stay. A hat trick of successful films! The infamous epithet Muruga Nolan started with this film for obvious reasons.

Support Crew

Music by Harris Jayaraj was easy on the ears and all the songs were roaring chart busters. The album had a mix of romantic, melodious, high octane, peppy numbers including a special song by Nayans (the only redundant element in the film) Rajasekhar's camera work and Anthony's edits contributed immensely to the already near-perfect film. 


For those looking for some cute romance, racy action, stirring music and of course innovative screenplay (though inspired and altered to suit Tamil audience), Ghajini will never disappoint you. 


You may have overlooked/forgotten/unaware of these tidbits about Ghajini

1) Ghajini is inspired from American film Memento (just the 15 minute memory loss part)

2) Suriya was the 13 th hero whom AR Murugadoss had approached for the role

3) Asin's character name Kalpana was inspired from astronaut Kalpana Chawla's name

4) The original choice for Nayan's and Pradeep Rawat's roles were Shriya Saran and Prakash Raj

5) Ghajini won 9 State Awards in different categories

6) The dubbed Telugu version performed better than several straight Telugu films 

7) Suriya found a new fan base in Teluguland post Ghajini that Telugu producers queued to buy the rights of his dubbed Telugu films

8) Aamir Khan was impressed with the original version and roped in ARM and Asin for the Hindi version

Rating - 3/5

Reviewed By Divya Nair

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