Report Card Of Bangla Films Released In April 2017

Report Card Of Bangla Films Released In April 2017

24 Nov 17 @ 12:24 PM | By Sayanee Gupta

April brought the new year for the Bengalis. Naturally, it demanded a celebration where food, friends, and cinema would play the biggest role. So, this month Bengali had five new films on their platter and as expected, they brought different tastes and flavors for the movie buffs. While there were biggies like 'One' and 'Durga Sohay', small films like 'Shunyota' too made it to the theatres. But, who won the rat race? Is it the National Award winning 'Bishorjon' who won the crown of the month's number one position? Check out the list below to know more in details.

  • One (14th April) Avg. Rating- 3.5

    Directed by Birsa Dasgupta, 'One' had big banner, Tolly biggies, and every essential masalas that are needed to make a potboiler hit. Starring Prosenjit Chatterjee in a negative role along with Yash Dasgupta and Nusrat Jahan, playing the positive leads, the remake of Tamil thriller 'Thani Oruvan' started with a bang but the big-budget movie failed to garner enough revenue at the box-office. As per the reports, the first week collection of Rs. 25,64,693 at multiplexes came as a disappointment for a trade analyst. Verdict - Watch it if you are looking for a no-brainer entertainment.

    One poster
    One poster Pycker
    Birsha Dasgupta
  • Bishorjon (14th April) Avg Rating - 3.5

    The small budget film directed by ace filmmaker Kaushik Ganguly locked horns with SVF's 'One' which released during Poila Boisakh, continues to rake in the moolah at the ticket counters. The announcement of the 64th National Award just before the film's release, where 'Bishorjon' bagged the best film award worked in favor of the movie. The audience adored the cross-border love story of Naseer and Padma essayed beautifully by Abir Chatterjee and Jaya Ahsan, respectively. Kaushik Ganguly's Ganesh brought another iconic fictional figure in the library of Bangla cinema. 

    Verdict- It's a must watch.

    Bishorjon poster
    Bishorjon poster Pycker
  • Shunayata (21st April)

    'Shunyota', by Suvendu Ghosh is the first film to be made on the topic of demonetization. Woven around three different stories that throws light on the effect of the economic revolution which took the entire country by storm. The film tries to depict a picture of how the sudden ban on Rs. 1000 and 500 made an impact on the people belonging to the different financial background and how they reacted to the situation through three individual stories weaved in one movie. Although made on a controversial topic, the small budget movie sank without a trace. Verdict: You can give it a chance.

    Shunyota poster
    Shunyota poster Pycker
  • Sonata (21st April) Avg Rating - 3

    Directed by Aparna Sen, this English language film starring Shabana Azmi, Lilete Dubey, and Sen herself is an uncomplicated narration of three middle-aged spinster friends having a good chat on one fine evening. Based on the drama penned by Mahesh Elkunchwar, the film emphasizes on its extremely well-crafted and bonafide characters instead of fetching a plot with major twists and turns. It's no run of the mill story with pompous setting, but it sets a niche for its unusual and refreshing charm. 

    Verdict: Watch it for Shabana Azmi and Aparna Sen.

    Sonata 2017
    Sonata 2017 Pycker
  • Durga Sohay (26th April) Avg Rating - 3.5

    A family drama with the essence of Bangali's favorite Durgotsav has its heart invested in a beautiful story of a woman. 'Durga Sohay' narrates the story of Dugga, a nurse who joins the duty in an aristocrat Basak family with a mission but things changed for her. At the end, when a robbery took place in her workplace, she, like the Goddess herself protects her employers. Arindam Sil, who shot to fame making thrillers like Shabor and Byomkesh series, turned the movie into a thrilling experience. The impeccable performance by every actor makes its a film to remember.

    Verdict: It's a must watch.

    Durga Sohay
    Durga Sohay Pycker
    Indrashish Roy Sohini Sarkar Tonushree Anirban Bhattacharya Kaushik Sen
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