Remakes Are A Test For Creativity Of Filmmakers

Remakes Are A Test For Creativity Of Filmmakers

31 Aug 20 @ 6:50 PM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

Remakes are not a new phenomenon and they happen all over the world and it is the remakes which brought advancements in filmmaking to be truthful. Believe not? Haven’t you heard of Mayabazaar? The older film was improved upon in every aspect of filmmaking when it was remade in 1955 by Vijaya Productions. It went on to become India’s greatest film of all time. Remakes are not done just between different language films. Older films are also upgraded for the newer generation audience using the recent technological advancements.

Even if a film is remake from one language into the other, it’s not an easy task as people mistakenly think. Take for example, Harish Shankar’s work with Dabangg. Though the original Hindi film was a classic, Harish gave it his own touch and brought it to Telugu in an entirely new flavour. We have very recently seen how great a work he had done with Tamil avant-garde classic Jigarthanda. Right from working in making changes to suit the nativity and the tastes of the audience, it takes a lot of effort.

The filmmakers not just copy paste the original. Not always. They have to make subtle changes at the same time need to ensure not to lose the original flavour of the film. Just like Venkatesh Maha has done a fantastic job of bringing Maheshinte Pratheekaram as Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya. So, remaking is also as much a creative job as making an original film.

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