Rejoice Fans! Tarak Is Following Prabhas For Better Results

Rejoice Fans! Tarak Is Following Prabhas For Better Results

16 Sep 20 @ 6:33 PM | By GitacharYa

No star hero in his right mind goes with no releases in two consecutive years when he’s (or she’s) on the top of his (or her) game and peaking in career. But knowingly or unknowingly Young Tiger N. T. R. has been going through it. But this is unplanned for an actor who has suffered almost half a decade to come out of the rut of failures. Finally he has received the role of his career with Daya in Temper and there’s no looking back!

5 consecutive hits. 2 back to back blockbusters. 1 (almost) industry hit. 3 Back to back 100 Cr. grossers. And then RRR happened. Fans expected a year’s gap at most. When 30 July 2020 was announced as the release date of Roudram Ranam Rudhiram, fans rejoiced. A pan-India blockbuster. A double hattrick of hits. And national stardom. International fame. But...

Then Corona happened.

The movie was first postponed to 8 January 2021 to give itself enough time for the all important post production. Then the lockdown forced many things. It’s all bleak for fans who had waited for a character intro video on his birthday or at least a first look. It’s already the second half of September. But no huge news from their star hero. Tarak Anna.

Taking all these into account, and learning from the experience of his fellow pan-India hero created by a Rajamouli epic, Prabhas, Tarak is lining up crazy projects. Almost all of them pan-India films. While in a non-corona world Trivikram’s film would have started the shooting, all these postponements made the Young Tiger plan meticulously.

As per our close sources, he’s keeping his options open. Two of his next films - Trivikram Srinivas directorial and the one with Prashanth Neel will be shot back to back. Tarak asked Trivikram to plan ahead well with tight schedules so that the shoot will be wrapped up quickly without compromising on quality. Just like Prabhas’s Adipurush makers are planning. Prabhas who has only three releases in the last 7 years is now planning to up his ante. Taking a lead out of this, Tarak also wants to work in quick schedules and release his films without much gap.

N. T. R. is also said to be asking Prashanth Neel’s Kannada-Telugu bilingual with him to be shot simultaneously with Trivikram film. In case one of these films gets late, he’s planning to option other scripts too. No more no-release years in future seems to be his motto now.

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