Reasons To Watch Aranya: An Explosive Film On Environment

Reasons To Watch Aranya: An Explosive Film On Environment

25 Mar 21 @ 6:59 PM | By GitacharYa

Aranya is one of the highly anticipated pan-India films starring pan-India actor Rana Daggubati. The Prabhu Solomon directorial is about elephant poaching, the destruction of forests, and the resulting effects on human beings. Let’s see what would be the highlight points of the films.

Prabhu Solomon Work

Director Prabhu Solomon has spent a lot of time travelling to various countries and doing a lot of research for this movie. He has created a masterpiece on environmentalism in the constraints of commercial cinema. The promos attested to the fact. Aranya appears to be a good movie about the environment with some entertainment elements.

Vishnu Vishal and His Elephant

From the trailers and other promos, it is understood that Tamil hero Vishnu Vishal who plays a crucial role in this film seems to provide a lot of fun. He has perfectly portrayed his character with his own elephant (as per noted reporters). He’s going to be an asset to the film with his performance.


The movie is certain to feature great cinematography with some spectacular visuals and breathtaking scenery as demanded by the genre. Also, rugged locales add to the effect of the effects of damaging environment.

Rana Daggubati

Rana Daggubati is an actor of class who doesn’t look at the image his roles bring him. All he wants is to involve with a film that has some difference. His role as a man who fights for elephants and finally the environment is going to be one of his best.

And finally as expected the animals and the story around them will certainly attract children. This could be a very good film to start teaching environment responsibility to them.

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