Real Life Shock To Reel Life Savior - Story Behind BB3 Shoot Halt

Real Life Shock To Reel Life Savior - Story Behind BB3 Shoot Halt

23 Feb 21 @ 6:24 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

Star actors do several action stunts to save the people in reel lives. From taking goons single-handedly to delivering powerful punch dialogues, they do it all. Sometimes, though we feel that makers are exaggerating machoism, we enjoy seeing our favourite heroes as saviors.

Nandamuri Balakrishna is one actor who constantly strives to protect villagers in his films. However, our on-screen savior has received a big jolt in real life from villagers. Going into details, the makers of BB3 planned to shoot few scenes in a village. To make it look more realistic, they preferred to shoot in a village rather than erecting sets. They even scouted a village named Kotalagudem in Vikarabad Mandal.

While the film unit expected the villagers to feel excited about this, they received an unexpected shock as the villagers prohibited shooting in their village fearing that the film unit might damage their agricultural fields. Despite the team's efforts to convince them, they haven't agreed to it, and this made the team scout for another location.

While it is understandable for small and medium heroes films facing such a glitch, Balayya getting such a shock from villagers is shocking.

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