Rashmika Treading The Lines Of Ileana With Bollywood Fad?

Rashmika Treading The Lines Of Ileana With Bollywood Fad?

16 Apr 21 @ 6:29 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

Every actor sees ups and downs in their career. All the adores, acclaims, and stardom they enjoy might come to crash in a blink of an eye. Sometimes, this tumble down can be because of factors outside the actor's control, while sometimes actors self-destruct their rising careers by taking success to their heads. Yes, there are several scenarios where actors ruined their careers with their attitude and weird demands. Even neglecting one industry after receiving offers from other industry can also wither actor's career.

Goa beauty Ileana D'Curz is one best example for this. After making her debut in Tollywood, she reached heights within a short span. When her career is at peaks in Telugu Cinema, she received good offers from Bollywood. The fad of Bollywood made her sign back-to-back films and bid farewell to Tollywood. While Tollywood cinephiles bailed her out, even Bollywood started neglecting her putting her career in doldrums. Although she made her re-entry in Tollywood, she lost the stardom she once enjoyed.

Now, Kannada beauty Rashmika Mandanna's career is also going in the same lines. Rashmika is one of the hotshot actresses in the industry at this moment with some biggie offers in the hand. She is also honoured as National Crush, and this made Bollywood eye on this beauty. Rashmika is flooded with big offers and got a chance to work with none other than Amitabh Bachchan. This sudden craze of her in Bollywood is making Rashmika give more priority to Bollywood.

As per the inside talks, Rashmika is keeping unnecessary demands in Tollywood, while she is ready to do anything in Bollywood. There is also a rumour that Rashmika is planning to shift her base to Mumbai and wave a goodbye to Tollywood after completing her current commitments. If at all this happens, there is no doubt that Rashmika turns another Ileana in coming days.

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