Rashmi Gautam URGES people to be empathetic. KNOW WHY?

Rashmi Gautam URGES people to be empathetic. KNOW WHY?

17 Apr 21 @ 3:12 PM | By GitacharYa

The words Corona, COVID, and pandemic are sending shivers down the spines of many people. But there are equally significant number of people, especially those who can afford to go to clubs and pubs are still treating the restrictions as a hurdle imposed on their freedom to enjoy  lamented talented actress and popular anchor Rashmi Gautham when we caught up with her recently for a candid interview.

It is not unknown that Rashmi was tested positive last October for COVID-19 and faced many difficulties. Empathy is what’s needed for those who are the victims of the virus but that’s what is lacking in people she opined.

Sharing her ordeal she stated, "When someone is tested positive, they are treated as untouchables and looked down upon like they have committed a serious crime. But the same people are roaming across the streets without wearing masks and taking simple precautions." She also questioned if It is only when their own family members are affected, then they understand the seriousness of the situation?

Coming to how she coped up with the situation, she said that she had followed the advise given by her doctors. She also revealed that she has suffered physically and emotionally during that period. She took the diet prescribed by the medical doctors. And with help of her family and a few people who cared for her well being she was able to recover.

Rashmi offers strong words of caution by urging people not to spread or believe in rumours. Even treatment and diets change from people to people. Self-medication is a strict NO, she warned. Symptoms and reaction to treat, differ from person to person and it is in their best interest that people communicate with their doctors and seek medical help.

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