9 Interesting Facts Of Rakul Preet That Every Diehard Fan Should Know

9 Interesting Facts Of Rakul Preet That Every Diehard Fan Should Know

10 Aug 19 @ 12:47 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Rakul Preet Singh debuted in Telugu Cinema in 2011 and half-a-decade later, she has acted with nearly every star of Tollywood. Despite arising from a non-filmy background, she made a name for herself within a short span of time. As she won over the audiences with her girl next door look, she immediately rose to prominence. Although Rakul gave plenty of interviews, most of them were centred upon her professional life. Apart from films, Rakul's personal life is hardly known to any her of fans as she hasn't touched upon this subject often. Let's take a look at the lesser known facts of the Tollywood heartthrob Rakul.

  1. Her Name

    Rakul's father, Rajender, and her mother, Kulwinder, came up with the idea that their daughter should bear both their names. As it isn't practical to have both names, they combined the first syllables of their names. You know what happened next and what became of the name.

  2. Karate Blue Belt Holder

    The actress, in her childhood, participated in many sports activities. From lawn tennis to golfing, she took up many activities. She started training in karate when she was in her second grade. She even got the blue belt. However, she took a liking to golf and pursued it. Unfortunately, there is no photographic record of her doing Karate as it was in her childhood.

  3. Equestrian (Horse Rider)

    Rakul was encouraged by her parents to pursue interests beyond her academics. Due to that encouragement, she developed a strong spirit and learnt how to ride a horse. Soon, after mastering the art, she became a diehard fan of that activity. She rides a horse whenever she can. However, no snapshot of her riding a horse is available.

  4. No TV In Her Childhood

    Rakul's father was strict disciplinarian and he had a rule that his kids shouldn't watch TV. Instead they should spend their leisure time doing something different. He made his kids go out play different sports and read books. Due to that rule, she didn't watch TV when she was a kid.

  5. Will Only Love Marry

    The actress has a fair idea of her ideal man. He should be taller than her even she is wearing heels and he should also be a great conversationalist. Also, she would like to tie the knot before she turns 30. However, she will only love marry. Quite a focussed woman, isn't she?

  6. Fan of SRK

    Rakul Preet is a sincere fan of Shah Rukh Khan. She grew up watching his films in her childhood and since then she admired him. When SRK visited the sets of Bollywood film Shimla Mirchi, the film's lead actress Rakul Preet had her fan moment with the star. She described the interaction as a dream come true.

    Rakul - Shah Rukh
    Rakul - Shah Rukh
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  8. The Vicco Advertisement

    Post-academics, Rakul started out as a model and did some ads. Like many heroines, she too started out as a cosmetics model. However, unlike like most others who advertised for Fair & Lovely, Rakul chose to do Vicco ads and her work didn't go unnoticed. That ad is still being used by Vicco.

    Rakul ads
    Rakul ads
  9. A Bharatanatyam Dancer

    Rakul Preet is a fitness freak and does everything in her capacity to stay trim. In fact, she believes that everyone should workout as she sees the exercise as a way to remove toxins from the body. As dance is also great workout regimen, Rakul doesn't hesitate to shake a leg. She is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and practices the art whenever she gets time.

  10. Winter Hater

    Ever heard of people who despise cold temperatures? Well, Rakul Preet Singh is one of those people as she loves warm locales. Yes, in an interview, Rakul confessed she hates cold temperatures. In fact, she does her best to avoid them. She must be hating it whenever she has to go to hill stations to shoot some film scenes.