Rajamouli's Pan-India Foundation - A Nightmare For Other Directors?

Rajamouli's Pan-India Foundation - A Nightmare For Other Directors?

7 May 21 @ 3:00 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

There might be several talented directors before him and after him, but SS Rajamouli holds a special place in the history of Indian cinema. It is not an exaggeration to call him the directorial genius, as he is a master of his art. Although most of his films deal with commercial elements, Rajamouli has a unique way of storytelling which makes his films stand out tall among the others in the same genre. His uniqueness made him one of the finest filmmakers with no flops to date.

Not only Rajamouli is making blockbusters but is also increasing the standards of the Indian cinema on a global level. With the Baahubali franchise, he began the pan-India trend. Although it is a proud moment for every Telugu movie buff, according to Trade analysts this has in a way become a big headache for other directors. Before the Baahubali's juggernaut success, actors and directors only focused on regional subjects, but the pan-India trend has changed the outlook.

Now, every star actor is aiming for a pan-India project to expand their horizons and asking makers to come up with unique subjects that can be made on a pan-India scale. Not only actors, but movie lovers too have changed their preferences. All these have become a burden for filmmakers. Though filmmakers can understand the pulse of the local audience, it is challenging for them to cater to other language audiences. Not every filmmaker is a Rajamouli, and not every pan-India movie will impress the audience.

Although several filmmakers are getting ready to helm pan-India films, many of them are still in dilemma about the results of the movies. If scored a hit, their fate might turn overnight and become one of the most demanded directors, but if anything goes wrong, the craze they hold to date will fizzle. Thus, Rajamouli's pan-India trend has become a nightmare for many directors.

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