Rajamouli Vs Baahubali - Is This What 2021 Summer Going To Witness?

Rajamouli Vs Baahubali - Is This What 2021 Summer Going To Witness?

2 Jul 20 @ 6:28 PM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

Box office clashes are not new to us. We have seen many times when two or more big films release on the same date or within a few days. As there used to be long theatrical runs, films used to share theatres and exploit the craze among the audience depending on the talk. When the season is right all such films used to be successful.

But times changed and nowadays every big film is releasing with a pre-planned slot in place with not much competition except smaller films in a few theatres here and there. The major reason for this is, the days of long theatrical runs are gone and openings are very important before the talk is out. If the reviews and audience talk is positive, films will enjoy a few good weeks at the box office. Else, they’ll vanish as early as the second weekend. So, higher number of theatres and more openings is the formula. That’s why combinations and pre-release buzz are also very important.

Why we’re talking all this now? It is heard that S. S. Rajamouli’s RRR and Prabhas’ film in Radhakrishna direction (tentative titles Jaan and RadheShyam) are going to clash during the 2021 Summer. As the stars of the both films are desperate to have the films release as early as possible, Summer will be the only season as the films won’t be ready by Sankranthi. This will lead to a tricky situation for the makers as theatres have to be shared or the ticket prices have to be hiked. But with corona effect not going away any time soon, will the audience pay higher prices?

But knowing Rajamouli, he’ll surely make it possible that both the films are slotted a few weeks apart and benefit from the gap between them. We have to wait for a few more weeks before we get clarity.

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