Pushparaj Cancels His Tickets - Postpones His Arrival To THIS Date?

Pushparaj Cancels His Tickets - Postpones His Arrival To THIS Date?

10 Apr 21 @ 12:44 PM | By GitacharYa

Though fans are not satisfied and expressing their dissatisfaction with the slow and steady approach of the makers, Pushpa starring Stylish Star (currently Icon Star) Allu Arjun has created the right buzz at the right moments. It seems Mythri Movie Makers and director Sukumar have stricken a perfect balance between revealing enough content to rise curiosity and not giving away much quite early.

The result is stellar when the first look of Bunny released last year and the recent teaser. The catchphrase Thaggede Le has given the cult Thug Life vibes all over and quickly became part of the vernacular. This type of effective marketing (same thing had happened with Ala Vaikuntthapurramuloo) and we saw the result. Moreover with Sukumar taking an unusually active role in pushing the film, we can be assured of the hype surrounding the film.

The latest news as released by our close sources who are quite accurate with their info, the film will be set for a December release. As per the official information we all know, the film is set for a release on 13th August 2021. But Sukumar made it clear to the producers that he needs bit more time to complete post-production formalities. So, now Team Pushpa is looking at a release in the week before Christmas as there will be at least 4 week full window without competition from big films. If we look at the calender, 17 December is the obvious choice as the second weekend coincides with Christmas and New Year coincides with 3rd weekend.

So, it's a perfect strategy on paper. But problem is though December has seen several super hits, Blockbusters are a rarity in that month in Tollywood. The reason is a majority of the mass films get scheduled for a Pongal or Sankranthi release. But if we consider the fact that Pushpa is a pan-India film, they... Especially Bollywood movies... work out quite well with December release dates (remember Aamir Khan strategy). So, nothing to worry.

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