Puri’s Ready To Serve - Where’s The Kurma?

Puri’s Ready To Serve - Where’s The Kurma?

23 Jun 20 @ 6:51 PM

Dashing director Puri Jagannadh has come from Ram Gopal Varma school of filmmaking. At one time he had given Rajamouli his money’s worth of fight for the number one director tag. Among those two who started their respective careers, it was Puri who first delivered an industry hit - Pokiri. Later, Puri’s career fizzled out multiple times and he bounced back the many times. In the meantime, Rajamouli’s stature grew multifold but that doesn’t concern our story now.

Pokiri not just turned Puri’s stardom to the next level so much so that Mega Star Chiranjeevi tasked him to introduce his son Ram Charan to the big screen, it also remains a landmark film for Mahesh who had become the genuine superstar of Tollywood after it. They also collaborated for another action film Businessman which remains a unique film in Mahesh’s career and went in to become a super hit at the box office.

Everyone expected the duo to wonders following such phenomenally successful films. But fate maybe it, things went the South. On one of Mahesh’s birthdays, Puri announced that he would make his dream film Jana Gana Mana with Mahesh and Mahesh thanked the filmmaker for that and endorsed that film. But with Mahesh getting busy with other projects and Puri getting down the pecking order with multiple flops, the film didn’t move beyond the initial poster.

After the success of iSmart Shankar Puri shocked everyone with his comments that Mahesh would work only with successful directors. This obviously didn’t go well with Mahesh. He had forgotten to acknowledge Puri’s name when talking about the directors who had given him success but later corrected it with a tweet. This might not have gone well with Puri and hence such a statement.

This Cold War has gone to extremes when Puri often taking indirect digs at Mahesh who for his part kept his silence. He even said in a fan chat that he’s still waiting for the script by Puri Jagannadh when asked about Jana Gana Mana. Now, suddenly Puri Jagannadh announced that he’ll definitely make Jana Gana Mana soon as a pan-India film as it’s his dream project. But he didn’t even mention Mahesh’s name. Then the question is... who’s going to star in it? But strongly wish Puri and Mahesh patch up and join hands together for another industry hit.

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