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Prashanth Varma's "SCARY" Corona - What Would Be The Story of PV3?

29 May 20 @ 2:02 PM | By GitacharYa

Within seconds of its unveiling, the motion poster and poster of Prasanth Varma’s latest film based on “True Events” became an Internet sensation. And the sharp eyed film buffs have immediately picked up the details in the material supplied by Prasanth Varma.

Let’s concentrate on the poster itself for now. The backdrop is the iconic Konda Reddy Buruju. In the foreground are the dead bodies of anonymous people probably lost their lives to a pandemic? Or even something bigger as the tag line on the poster suggests? Corona is just the beginning. The movie also gives vibes of a zombie film like one of our guys commented or even a monster film.

Is Prasanth Varma telling that the virus is just a precursor to a bigger danger? A monster? Or a post-apocalyptic thriller with virus erasing humankind? Prasanth has already delivered a shockingly bold film like Awe where he brought up subjects like Lesbian marriage, existential void, child and sexual abuse and many more complicated issues. Now, with the mouth of the monster Opening in the motion poster are we invited into another bumpy ride? A scary story to tell for a long long time? Fingers crossed.

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