Prashanth Neel Reminds Us Of Kid Who Collects Prized Toys

Prashanth Neel Reminds Us Of Kid Who Collects Prized Toys

3 Apr 21 @ 1:23 PM | By GitacharYa

Prashanth Neel has been the hotly wanted filmmaker among the South Indian stars with a single film - KGF: Chapter 1. Since then, the film became a cult blockbuster among the mass and youth audience. The dialogues, heroic elevations he had created for the protagonist played by Yash created a frenzy among various fans who wanted their heroes to work with him. As such, Prashanth Neel too wanted to collaborate with pan-India actors and to transcend his career from Kannada Cinema to pan-India level. 

There was strong talk that he would collaborate with Young Tiger NTR as early as last year. He too posted a few elevation tweets to attract the actor’s fans. But suddenly, Prashanth Neel announced a film with pan-India superstar of the moment Prabhas. The movie Salaar quickly realised on to the sets. Before NTR’s fans feel cheated, he quickly announced with Mythri Movie Makers that he’ll be doing his next with NTR. He even had a few rumoured discussions with superstar Mahesh. 

Recently we have reported that Prashanth Neel is in discussions with Allu Arjun and May do his next with him. There were even speculations that Prashanth Neel would relocate to Hyderabad.  Now, as per the latest rumours, he planning to work with all potential Pan-India stars instead of concentrating on one market. To add fuel to this, today it is emerged that he’s planning a masala entertainer with Thalapathy Vijay on a pan-India scale. 

Whether these rumours are true or not, we feel that Prashanth Neel is a sort of kid who wants to collect all the prized toys. He’s already known for slow filmmaking. With all these big names committed, we wonder how could he plan films with all these stars. Hope he’s not thinking of South Indian star heroes as a coffee table books. If the result of KGF: Chapter 2 or Salaar goes awry, all those stars who approached him won’t take a moment to desert him. 

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