Prabhas21 To Have A Spiritual Touch?

Prabhas21 To Have A Spiritual Touch?

3 Jun 20 @ 7:10 PM | By Pycker Team

Ever since director Nag Ashwin and Prabhas' film was announced, several speculations were going rife on the film's story and Prabhas' role. Now, going by the fresh rumours that sprouted up in the film circles, it is learnt that Nag Ashwin is planning to give the film a spiritual touch by exploring god and his miracles. It means similar to the mystic thriller Karthikeya. 

From the very beginning, makers of Karthikeya made an illusion to the audience that the film deals with miracles of god, ghosts, mantras, but later they expose that it is an act of a man who gets greedy. But as the film is pitched around god, and makers stressed the point that it is the God who is making all the things happen, they succeeded with their attempt. 

Now, it is understood that Prabhas21 also deals with a similar concept. All the research done by the protagonist will be related to God, and this will be shown in a unique way as a sci-fi drama. Also, there is going to be a conflict between science and spirituality which will be an interesting watch. As the craze for the film is high, let's see how Nag Ashwin will make the film.

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