Prabhas Needs To Mend His Ways Before It’s Too Late

Prabhas Needs To Mend His Ways Before It’s Too Late

17 Feb 21 @ 11:35 AM | By GitacharYa

Everything related to Baahubali created unlimited hype and went viral. That was thanks to S. S. Rajamouli. But Prabhas carried his follow up Saaho on his broad shoulders to prove he’s not a one trick wonder or that he couldn’t score mega blockbusters out side of top director’s influence. The teasers, posters, and even the film business all created records outside of Baahubali range. But that’s not the case with Radhe Shyam. 

Leave aside regular records like teasers and glimpses, the looks of Prabhas came under scanner for both Saaho (he was termed as sleepy) and Radhe Shyam. Even his fans are lost for words to defend his looks in the first glimpse. Such a dreamily romantic world needs him to match with his screen presence. It is high time Prabhas take utmost care of his looks. Else, he’ll slowly be phased out by the upcoming pan-India heroes who are high on style and talent. 

Not that he’s not the All India Superstar now. Else, how can more than 2000 Cr. be bet on him (about half a dozen films)? But he shouldn’t be complacent. Success of a film is never a guarantee. But how you present yourself to the world is in your hands. An actor who’s loved across the length and breadth of India should be extra careful to satisfy his fans. Of course, even without all this gloss he could still be popular. But such times are fast running out. 

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