Power Star Review - Ram Gopal Varma's Meta Assessment Of PK Failure

Power Star Review - Ram Gopal Varma's Meta Assessment Of PK Failure

25 Jul 20 @ 5:01 PM | By GitacharYa

Ram Gopal Varma has been in the news like he always does. By making films on whatever he wants to. After taking his revenge on Andhra Pradesh opposition leader for reasons unknown with a lousy film and another satirical film, he turned his attention towards the third political pillar of the Southern Telugu state, Pawan Kalyan.

Everyone knows the craze Pawan Kalyan has as a star. Not even a long wait of a decade for a blockbuster diminished his stardom. That's why everyone who wants to gain popularity seems to be of the idea that personally attacking Pawan Kalyan will be the short cut for fame as they'll certainly be opposed by the highly vocal and loud-mouthed fans of PK. Initially, Ram Gopal Varma seems to have taken the same route.

But the answer is no. At least on face value we can conclude this after watching this interestingly constructed short film (yes, the runtime is just 40). As Varma has been saying since at least 2012, that he wants Pawan Kalyan to enter politics for he is more sincere than those who are in this business these days. He maintained the same in the film.
There are no indecent satires nor or there any mocking scenes about Pawan Kalyan or his family. Rather he tried to objectively l analyse what and where has it gone wrong for him in the 2019 elections.

The movie can be divided into three parts. The first part contains the early moments of the results announcements and then the aftermath of the results. How Pawan Kalyan was affected by the results. But here is where Varma has crossed the line for time being. He might not have pricked Pawan Kalyan, the conferred the honor on a few people whom he thought of as the reason behind his political failure.

Too much of flattery and fanism are what undone him. His message isn't taken to the people in a direct way like Jagan Mohan Reddy did, it is those who wanted to use Pawan's popularity to their own benefit. This has created a huge gap between Pawan Kalyan and the common populace of Andhra Pradesh.

The second phase is how Pawan tries to get back to normal. It is the final 15 minutes or the third part that forms the major highlight of this entire drama. Varma makes an entry here and directly addresses Prawan Kalyan (name used in the movie). He explains him everything and try to make him realise it is he himself (Varma) who is Pawan's real fan and those around him are not worth his consideration. How Varma ends all this for Pawan and what decision Pawan takes after this interaction makes for an curious watch.

As expected, the film is made on a shoestring budget. Within the limitations and as a made-for-mobile movie, Power Star can be termed as well made. The major highlight is the cinematography. It doesn't boast a single weird camera angle which has become Varma's trademark these days. The visuals are organic and crisp. The editor has nothing to do than just stitch the episodes as guided by the director. The direction is competent (whoever handled it).

The guy who played Pawan Kalyan (Prawan) is excellent and did well. Varma passed himself as a better actor than expected. Rest of the cast are usual caricatures of Varma's recent films. They did a decent job.

There is nothing to be offended for Pawan Kalyan in this film. It is those who were around him who are targetted. And the satires or direct attacks on a few people may offend them. And we feel Varma could have done a subtle job there.

Worth the money? No.
Bad film? No.
Can watch? Yes. If you can afford the ticket price.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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