Power Star Pawan Kalyan: The Actor Who Is A Good Mass Singer

Power Star Pawan Kalyan: The Actor Who Is A Good Mass Singer

11 Dec 18 @ 12:27 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is quite an unpredictable silver screen character. In one frame, he is an urbane and suave guy who is wooing women and in another shot, he doles out a performance which befits a country-bred youth. This mass touch which he brings in seamlessly is quite a rare talent for most of our new generation heroes are rarely indulging themselves in these mass acts. Although, it is fun to see our favourite heroes in stylish avatars, it is equally fun to see them 'oora mass' outlooks for they are often the best sources of comic relief. To show how seamlessly PSPK can transition from one avatar to another, we've compiled a list of the country songs which were deftly sung by our beloved star.

  1. Killi Killi From Gudumba Shankar

    Although Pawan doesn't sing the entire song, he gets to croon the first few lines. The star does this with tenacity for they pack quite a punch. Rest of the song is sung by Mallikarjun. The song is quite lively and can be listened anytime. Mani Sarma composed the music for this energetic song.

  2. Kodakaa Koteswar Rao From Agnyaathavaasi

    Pawan Kalyan once again came up with one more mass song with a folk beat composed by the talented Anirudh Ravichander. The lyrics were provided by Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar and they were penned in a way that even a layman can understand them easily. The best part of the song was the catchy phrase Kodakaa Koteshwar Rao which became an overnight sensation in the Telugu states. The making video in which Pawan Kalyan was seen singing this peppy mass song garnered over 10 Million views with a week which shows the popularity of this song. Kodaka Koteswar Rao song from Agnyaathavaasi too went viral within no time once again showing the singing talent of Pawan Kalyan once again.

  3. Em Pilla Maatadava From Thammudu

    It starts slowly. Soon after increasing tempo, PSPK starts dancing with his friends. His energetic dance movements overshadow his mass vocal performance. However, he stops singing when he spots his crush spying on him. Ramana Gogula provided the music for this P. A. Arun Prasad directorial.

  4. Thati Chettu From Thammudu

    Pawan sings this song to heckle Mallikarjuna Rao. It is quite a funny song which is accompanied by Pawan's dance. The song, whose music was composed by Ramana Gogula, ends rather abruptly. This scene was well-directed by P. A. Arun.

  5. Bye Byee Bangaru Ramanamma From Khushi

    PSPK is quite happy that his friend Ali has come to visit him. Upon Ali's request, he starts singing Bye Byee Bangaru Ramanamma, a folk song. Judging by the previous performances, it is safe to say that the star improved his vocal talent by a great deal. S. J. Surya directed this sequence while Mani Sarma provided the music.

  6. Nuvvu Sara Taguta From Johnny

    This is quite a meaningful song. Pawan starts singing when a drunken M. S. Narayana challenges him. He relates the bad consequences of drinking in the song's lyrics. Ramana Gogula provided the music for this song. As the film bombed at the box office, the song was forgotten by most of the audiences which is a pity for it is quite a nice song.

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  8. Ravoyi Maa Country Ki From Johnny

    Ravoyi Maa Intiki is a classical song which was reinvented into a country song by Power Star. The song adopts different lyrics which talk about the evils of the society. The lyrics explore the banes of smoking, drugs, scams, corruption and various other issues plaguing us. Pawan, along with others, dance rhythmically as he sings this song. Ramana Gogula provided the tunes for this song.

  9. Paparayudu Song From Panjaa

    Pawan Kalyan sings some of the lines where he insults Brahmanandam. However, rest of the song is sung by Hemachandra and chorus. Yuvan Shankar Raja provided the music for this funny song. Pawan Kalyan personally commended Yuvan Shankar Raja for providing such melodious tunes for this movie's music album.

  10. Kaatama Rayuda From Attarintiki Daredi

    Power Star took Tollywood by a storm with Attarintiki Daredi. After singing this song, PSPK was recognised as a good singer as well. The song was originally featured in Sumangali (1940). Pawan reinvented this song with his own singing style and reinvention was loved by the audiences. The film director Trivikram Srinivas was in the same booth as PSPK when the star was crooning the song. Devi Sri Prasad provided the music for this chartbuster.

  11. Pothuraju From Sardaar Gabbar Singh

    Pothuraju is a track from Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Power Star Pawan Kalyan has sung this song which said to be a folk song. Like Kaatama Rayuda, Devi Sri Prasad provided the music for this song from Sardar Gabbar Singh which is directed by K. S. Ravindra.

    Pothuraju From Sardaar Gabbar Singh
    Pothuraju From Sardaar Gabbar Singh