Top 10 Malayalam Item Songs Which Are Too Hot To Handle

Top 10 Malayalam Item Songs Which Are Too Hot To Handle

15 Dec 20 @ 7:25 AM | By Sunderlal Raja

Apart from fast beat Malayalam songs. The Item song is one of the most prominent elements while making a mass masala entertainer. Yes, item numbers are sexist, they are objectifying but they are very popular, at the same time. That is why, in many instances, actresses in item songs are some of the most popular stars. During the shooting time of an item track, every aspect, including the dance steps, costumes, and set, is given extra care to make it sizzling. This is because a sensational item song can take the popularity of the film to a whole new level. Sometimes they are also at the top of the popular songs chart.

There is no shortage of these item dance numbers in Malayalam movies, as well. Just like any other film industry, here also top Malayalam actresses have performed in item songs; just that they aren’t as exposing and explosive as their Bollywood or Tollywood counterparts. So, here, we are listing out 10 popular Malayalam item songs, which instantly became a sensation, at the time of their release. Scroll down to know which 10 Malayalam hot songs we have listed out for you. 

[NB: We have taken only those Mollywood item songs which are featured in a proper Malayalam film and not in a dubbed one.]

  1. Dhan Than song from Raajadhi Raja (2014)

    Startling beauty Shamna Kasim's item song plus Mukesh Khanna aka our very own Shaktimaan matching steps with her gave this song a lot of popularity. Though the song’s lyrics didn’t attain much attention, the killer moves of Shamna was more than enough to make this track a sensational one. This song also gave a lot of attention to Raajadhi Raja, before release.

  2. Ayalathe Veettile song from Matinee (2012)

    Mythili performing an item dance, was a big breaking news in the Malayalam entertainment field. Mainly because, the actress was never seen in a sexy style on the screen. This Malayalam sexy song from the movie Matinee, was a bit time hit with a lot of club mix versions coming out, crooned by Mythili, herself. But the movie was a forgettable affair.

  3. Kappa Kappa song from Bachelor Party (2012)

    It is not that usual for a film to have two item songs, but then Bachelor Party was not your usual Malayalam film and probably this is one of the movies we can't watch parents. If the track with Remya was a big hit, then Kappa Kappa with Padmapriya (for the first time in a glamorous avatar) was a chart-buster. This song grabbed a lot of eyeballs to the movie making this one as Malayalam's sexy songs. 

  4. Vijana Surabhi song from Bachelor Party (2012)

    Remya Nambeesan doing an item number. This was one of the biggest highlights of Amal Neerad directed Bachelor Party. While normal item songs are fast, peppy and full of beats, Vijana Surabhi was the odd one out making it one of the best Malayalam romantic songs. This track had a more classical rendition with jazz and occasional beats in the background, to spice up the already smoking track.

  5. Ithiri Chakkara Nulli song from Seniors (2011)

    Another composition of Jassie Gift, this song was really colorful. Directed by Vysakh, Seniors had this item track placed in a really odd position in the movie. But then who really cares about the placement of such a song, until it is able to entertain the audience. This track was able to do that only; thus ending up as a popular track and the one song that many still remembers from the movie.

  6. Ole Ole song from In Ghost House Inn (2010)

    In the voices of Jassie Gift and Anitha, with Raai Laxmi shaking her body on the screen, Ole Ole track from In Ghost House Inn, became popular in short time. Though it was in a Malayalam movie, the lyric was Tamil. But with the fast beats, the song had a new level of energy in it, which made it more popular.

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  8. Samba Salsa song from Daddy Cool (2009)

    Samba Salsa soundtrack with popular Telugu actress Nikita Thukral was a big-time sensation among the Malayali youth. This Malayalam song from Aashiq Abu's directorial debut, Daddy Cool, followed the musical pattern of the spicy tracks in Tamil and was picturized as a bar/pub dance. Check out the Telugu version of the song below.

  9. Osama song from Sagar Alias Jacky: Reloaded (2009)

    Sagar Alias Jacky: Reloaded, which was based on one of the most famous characters in Mohanlal’s career, had this peppy song in it. The track featured Jyothirmayi and it was really smoking. The trademark Amal Neerad shots made this track more catchy.

  10. Hai Dil Deewana song from Twenty20 (2008)

    Sizzling beauty Nayantara’s item song for the first time in Malayalam. This was a big crowd pulling factor for Twenty20, which featured all the stars from Malayalam film industry. The movie was released at the time when the fan craze for Nayantara in Kerala was at an all time high. This song can also be regarded as the one which is closest to the style of item number’s that we see in Bollywood.

  11. Kezhumakkannale song from Abraham & Lincoln (2007)

    This track was borrowed from the Nadan Paattukal by Kalabhavan Mani, who was also the lead in this movie. Though the picturization didn’t follow the textbook style of an item number, the shots were sure to raise your testosterone levels. In fact, this one popular track Udurajamukhi gave a lot of boost to Abraham & Lincoln, during the weeks leading to its release.