Penguin Is Profitable For Producers, What About OTT? Analysis

Penguin Is Profitable For Producers, What About OTT? Analysis

22 Jun 20 @ 12:45 PM | By GitacharYa

Every Friday a major movie or two and a few smaller ones release and the movie buffs await the reviews or just jump into the theatres to watch. That’s not happening. Right from the Saturday (the next day) all the box office numbers of all big movies are covered and circulated. That’s not happening. For the last 4 months.

Now, with some of the major films like Penguin hit the OTTs, we have been turning our attention to analyse their profitability for various parties involved like the makers and OTT platforms. Producers generally get profits in such cases if the films have craze. Just like in the case of Penguin. Here are the details of profits and how we arrive at the numbers (calculations).

Penguin is estimated to be made on a budget of Rs. 4.27 Cr. As per our sources, all the other incidental expenses made it an investment of Rs. 5.51 Cr. The digital rights of the film were sold for roughly Rs. 7.5 Cr. And then there are satellite rights. The non-Hindi satellite rights are given away at about Rs. 6 Cr.

With this, the producers made a solid profit of Rs. 7.99 Cr. If Hindi dubbing rights (as of now, no deal) are added, the film might reap nearly Rs. 10 Cr. profit for the makers. But what about the buyers (in this case OTTs)? With the mixed to negative response from the major critics, and overwhelmingly negative response from the netizens on the social media platforms, the result is flop for the buyers.

We will post how much the OTT platform made within a couple of weeks based on the availability of data. No new subscriptions are guarantee just for this film and most of the streaming market is saturated. So, only vocally strong reviews alone make the direct-OTT releases any success.


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