Reasons To Watch Anushka Sharma's Pari

Reasons To Watch Anushka Sharma's Pari

1 Mar 18 @ 7:56 PM | By Team Pycker

Pari Movie Preview

What is Pari all about?

Pari is the most anticipated horror movie of the year directed by newcomer Prosit Roy. It is co-produced by Anushka Sharma who also stars in the film alongside Parambrata Chatterjee and Rajat Kapoor in pivotal roles. Ever since the release of the first poster of the film, there was hype around it which was only elevated after rumors of accidents on the film set starting floating around. The teaser and the trailer of the film have successfully managed to scare the audience and intrigue them at the same time, which will definitely drive them to the theaters to watch the film.

What to expect from Pari?

Unfiltered Horror

After the debacle of musical horrors like 1921 and every other Vikram Bhatt film, Pari has a lot of expectations riding on it to be a successful Hindi horror film after a long time. As it can be seen in the trailer, the makers have used a blend of VFX and practical effects and just the right make up to scare the viewers. The director also does not hold back and has used a lot of blood and gore in the film which will work in the favor of the film.

A Different Side of Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma has usually played the role of a bubbly, happy girl in most of her movies, except her own production NH10, which was also her home production. With Pari, the actress forays into the horror genre for the first time and plays the role of a witch. Critics and audiences both will appreciate her brave effort of experimenting with her roles.

Nail Biting Thriller

Apart from being a horror flick, Pari is also an edge-of-the-seat thriller that will go into the history of Anushka Sharma’s character as no one in the film knows who she actually is. Her character gets close to a mother and son who are later tortured by her. How the story plays out and what is the conclusion of it all will be interesting to watch.

Great Performances

Alongside newly married Anushka Sharma, the film also stars critically acclaimed actor Rajat Kapoor who plays a mysterious role and the Bengali superstar Parambrata Chatterjee, who impressed everyone with his performance in Kahaani. Such a powerful cast will definitely make the film watching experience a good one and will give their best.

New Director

Anushka Sharma is not afraid of experimenting, which we also so in Phillauri which co-starred Diljit Dosanjh beside her. With Pari, this time, the actress is teaming up with a new director which has seemed to work in her favor. Prosit Roy has given a realistic tone to the film, which will help the movie connect with the audience.

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