Oru Kuprasiddha Naandhi: Comparing Two Films To Find Out Truth

Oru Kuprasiddha Naandhi: Comparing Two Films To Find Out Truth

22 Feb 21 @ 3:14 PM | By GitacharYa

Naandhi is one of the best films to come out in Tollywood in recent times. In fact, it is the only second Telugu film post-lockdown to get unanimous positive response from both the critics and the audience. Though the film started on a slow note at the box office with chances of breaking even slim, the positive word of mouth helped it a lot and now the movie is declared the weekend winner.

But in certain film buss circles, it is being discussed that Naandhi has its plot structure (not the story or film, remember) very similar to the Malayalam crime thriller Oru Kuprasiddha Payyan. Starring the rising star of Mollywood, Tovino Thomas (Maara 2 villain), the film follows the tale of a youth in a small town who is framed for the murder of a woman whom he treats as his mother.

In this film also, political pressure on the police leads to the protagonist being framed for a crime he didn't commit. A junior lawyer helps him in getting out of the situation.

But what differentiates Oru Kuprasiddha Payyan and where Naandhi scores over it is, the usage of Section 211 as the main plot point in the second half. No Indian film used that this well and Naandhi is more hopeful and is educating the people about the nuances of knowing their own rights.

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