Orey Bujjiga OTT Release: Profits And Losses Analysis

Orey Bujjiga OTT Release: Profits And Losses Analysis

27 Oct 20 @ 4:59 PM | By GitacharYa

Before and after Orey Bujjiga, young mass hero Raj Tarun’s position or fortune didn’t change a bit. He’s still in flops and yet to get a film with positive critical reaction in more than three years, and future is on knife’s edge. 

He just received - just as in just - a lifeline in the form of an offer from Kona Venkat. But he’s still able to bring profits to the makers of his latest release Orey Bujjiga. And there’s high chance that the same film will bring profits to the OTT Aha Video too. 

Orey Bujjiga was offered a whopping Rs. 7.5 Cr. when the OTTs are desperate for content during the initial phases of the Covid-19 related lockdown. But the makers confident of a theatrical release waited. Meanwhile after a few major films turned critical duds (Nani’s V turned a loss venture for Amazon Prime Video - not a huge loss though), Orey Bujjiga was offered around Rs. 3.3 Cr. But the makers finally nabbed a deal for Rs. 4.07 Cr. from Aha Video. 

Made on a moderate budget of Rs. 3 Cr., still released with profits. Add to that the audio rights (Rs. 12.7 Lakhs), satellite rights of Rs. 1.78 Cr., and Hindi dubbing rights of Rs. 0.65 Cr. The total earnings stand at Rs. 6.63 Cr. Removing the incidental costs, Orey Bujjiga brought in a handsome Rs. 3.53 Cr. in profits for the makers. 

Despite negative reviews, the movie which also stars Malavika Nair and Hebah Patel, trended well enough. We’ll post about the profit loss statement for the OTT streaming app in a week or so.

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