Not Airing Godman May Be Zee5’s Choice But It Leads To More Such Acts

Not Airing Godman May Be Zee5’s Choice But It Leads To More Such Acts

3 Jun 20 @ 7:31 PM | By Team Pycker

Today, we are living in a more advanced world where technology helps us to perform tasks at ease. But, as a nation with diverse cultures and traditions, the superstitions still prevail in this modern day. We see them every day as some of them became a part of our lives. Of the various beliefs, faith in godman figures is one. They have hypnotized people by inducing fear into their brains. Most of the people now invest all their faith, energy, the rationale in these godmen and godwomen, and blindly follow them. 

Even after the truth of many such peddlers of faith got exposed, we wonder what makes people attract more towards them and believe them? Belief in God cannot be objected, but belief in imposters who hide in the mask of spirituality, and lure people to offer them prayers is certainly questionable. 

The reason why we talked about these godmen figures is that one of the popular streaming platform Zee5 has come up with a series on these godman figures titled Godman. Within minutes of the release of the trailer recently, it got backlashed by many religious outfits and organizations who also filed complaints against the makers. Following the controversy and flak the teaser erupted, Zee5 cancelled the release of the series which was scheduled to be on 12th June. 

Speaking against the ban of the series, makers stated that it will give dominance and power to these unconstitutional and unconscionable forces to attack the freedom of expression of media and art. They also made it clear that they had no intentions of offending or hurting any community, religious, personal beliefs, or sentiments. Yes, this is also true, as people believe more in these godmen figures to give them moksh, rather than doing good deeds.

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