No Experimental Films - Is It The Fault Of Stars Or Audience?

No Experimental Films - Is It The Fault Of Stars Or Audience?

11 May 21 @ 6:43 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

Whenever a star hero of other industry experiments with an unconventional plotline, there always comes a discussion on why our star heroes show reluctance in experiments. Although these debates follow for a couple of days, they vanish into thin air after a week or so.

The reason behind our stars' hesitance is the audience. Yes, you read it right. Telugu audience not only desire for concept-oriented films but also wish to see their favourite actors in larger than life roles. They also demand for scripts that are loaded with family emotions, comedy, punch dialogues, action stunts, and romance. To describe in one word, the expectations of the audience is at next level. They want everything to be lavish, and give thumbs down if the film lacks any of the aforementioned elements.

The best example is the debacle of Superstar Mahesh Babu's 1: Nenokkadine. Although the film is no less to a Hollywood thriller, it ended up as the biggest disaster in Mahesh's career. Not only this, every experimental film of the star heroes ended up as mere debacle. This made our stars averse experiments and follow the routine patterns.

Well, from this it is clear that there is no fault of our stars, but it was the audience who made them oppose signing off-beat films. Although the preference of audience changed a lot in recent times, they still desire to see stars in larger-than-life roles. Only when the audience change their mindset, our stars will show zeal to experiment.

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