New Reality - You Can't Watch Films On OTTs For Subscription Fee Alone

New Reality - You Can't Watch Films On OTTs For Subscription Fee Alone

23 Sep 20 @ 12:16 PM | By GitacharYa

The lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic might have wrecked havoc with the film industry the most by closing the theatres, it boosted the demand for the OTT Platforms. Not even the mightiest World War II stopped cinemas this long. But it appears that those are thinking of watching movies in the comforts of their couches and homes with a bare minimum subscription fee might be in for a rude shock now.

Enter the new reality. The pay-per-view model popularised by Ram Gopal Varma quickly caught up with the entire world it seems. Confining ourselves to Indian Cinema, for the first time, a big star's film, Ka Pae Ranasingam starring Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi will be following this model. To watch the film on Zee Plex, you have to pay Rs. 199 as a ticket.

We have already seen the Bollywood film Khalee Peelee starring Ananya Panday and Ishan Khattar adapting this method -probably to its doom. As already there was a huge negativity surrounding it for being a Nepo-film. But Vijay Sethupathi film will surely be the biggest news in this regard. With profits getting lower and lower due to OTT releases, both for the producers and the streaming platforms, this pay-per-view may well be the future. Considering the expenses of theatrical viewing, this still stands as a viable option for the audience too.

When Kamal Haasan proposed a similar system back in 2013, everyone opposed the idea despite its innovative approach and the implementation method he proposed. Now, with the pandemic, this is the necesssity and everyone will sooner or later join the bandwagon. Is it foolproof? Well! No sir. Even with a few multiple time watching option with a bare minimum subscription fee, piracy has been reaching previous heights, can anyone stop it now that we have to pay around 200 rupees?

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