Nepotism in Tollywood vs Bollywood: Its Effect On Real Talents

Nepotism in Tollywood vs Bollywood: Its Effect On Real Talents

22 Jun 20 @ 5:17 PM | By Satya Srinivas

Nepotism is the most discussed topic in the country for a few years, especially in the past few days. We all know the question star kids face and the typical answer they give. We also know that no one can stop star kids from entering the film industry. No one can stop them from grabbing away opportunities that deserve better and talented actors. Then, what’s the point of the whole debate? Why is there no such topic in Tollywood? We will explain:

Nepotism in Tollywood:

Nepotism has been there in Tollywood since the evolution of stars in Telugu Cinema. It continues to bring in people with no acting talent into the Telugu film industry. But it is normalised to such extent that we automatically expect the kids of stars to choose the film industry. No actors who made it on their own in the film industry question this. The media too never posed any question related to Nepotism to the star kids. Why? Are they scared of losing their job? Or are they also normal human beings who are fans of some or the other star kid?

Tollywood has welcomed non-filmy background actors and with their talent they grew into big stars. Chiranjeevi, Ravi Teja, Nani and the latest sensation Vijay Deverakonda stand as a classic example of the statement. They are an inspiration to many. But, what about many others who did not reach this level because of nepotism.As a controversial and absolute nonsense statement made by an actress surviving only and only because of Nepotism, all the actors with no filmy background should blame it on their Karma? No!

As per a sensible statement made by one of the greatest talents of Indian Cinema - Manoj Bajpai, they should “believe in themselves, better their craft, and work very hard without taking anything for granted”.

Tollywood vs Bollywood:

Both the film industries are very similar in the type of movies they make and there is Nepotism in both the industries. But the way it is treated is very different. In Bollywood, there is almost no entry without the star kids’ tag or a relation to any Bollywood celebrity. Very rarely we see a star nowhere related to any film celebrity emerging as a star in Bollywood. And it is getting worse while star kids are getting even their 10th opportunity very easily after failing miserably as actors. Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Athiya Shetty, Sara Ali Khan, Ananya Panday, Sonakshi Sinha, and many others despite failing multiple times as actors get offers and sustain easily.

This is where things are different in Tollywood. Even if you are a kid of the biggest hero of Tollywood, you won’t be accepted unless you prove yourself. They might get initial offers, but the audience are intelligent enough to avoid films which do not have an actor worth their money and time. Some actors who came from the biggest filmy families were rejected by the Telugu audience.

Also, Telugu audiences, even if they are hard core fans of a particular family tend to encourage good films with talented actors. Actors like Nani, Sharwanand, Vijay Deverakonda, Vishwaksen, etc are scoring continuous hits because of the character of the Telugu audience. Some of them might wait for actors from film families to take up acting careers and continue the legacy. At the same time, if there is a good film for an actor without family background, they reach the movie theatre without any second thoughts. This attitude of the audience is the biggest difference between Bollywood and Tollywood.

Another prominent difference between the cases of Tollywood and bollywood is: bollywood had made common and mass audience irrelevant with multiplex culture. With studios themselves are distributors and individual distributors are very very rare in Hindi belt, the makers can influence the audience with their choice of actors as there is no other alternative. Multi-starrer films are quite common where a big talent is promoted front right and centre and all talentless star kids are added to the cast (Dhoom series, Housefull 4).

But when it comes to Tollywood, it is the mass audience who determine the output if films and being given a choice everyone wants a better performer than someone's kids.

Final Word:

Once again taking up the statements of Manoj Bajpai as an example. “A chairman in a corporate office will give his chair only to his kid and not to the best employee he has. A gold shop owner will give the money counter only to his family and not to the best salesman of the shop.” Likewise, stars want their legacy to be continued, but that should not stop other passionate actors from dreaming big. So, keep dreaming, keep achieving your dreams.

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