NBK's Narthanasala: Opening Week Collections - An Analysis

NBK's Narthanasala: Opening Week Collections - An Analysis

3 Nov 20 @ 4:30 PM | By GitacharYa

Nata Simha Nandamuri Balakrishna has finally brought his shelved dream project from 2004 to the small screens with some editing magic. The nostalgic trip down the memory lane has enough of thrills and it exploded at the Pay-per-view ATT. The pouranick film NBK'S Narthanasala which was priced at a minimum of Rs. 50, garnered a lot of curiosity and as such a lot of tickets (comparatively) were purchased. (Read our review here).

Now, curiosity okay! But how much it brought the makers and the hosting app Shreyas ET? As per our close sources who are very reliable have come up with interesting numbers. About 1.5 lakhs tickets were purchased by the end of the first day. The advanced bookings too were stunningly good for such an experiment (above 78 thousand).

After the first week, the trade estimates are out and our trackers revealed that just about half a million tickets are sold. That means nearly Rs. 2.5 Cr. revenue is generated by this release. With a split of 80:20 for Makers and ATT platform, the makers have earned 1.96 Cr. excluding the incidental costs (if any). As Balakrishna announced a major portion of the money will go to charity work, we're refraining ourselves from commenting about profits.

All in all, Narthanasala turned out to be second time lucky for the Nandamuri patriarch. We can classify it as a super hit based on the enthusiasm shown by the audience and fans.

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