Nani's  Bullet MISFIRES... Gets Trolled!

Nani's  Bullet MISFIRES... Gets Trolled!

31 Mar 21 @ 6:37 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

It is said that one should think before you speak and avoid unnecessary attention. Especially, when one is a celebrity of a stature . Any comments on public platform must be shared wisely or it may trigger dire consequences. But many a times, celebs are overwhelmed and in excitement get trolled for their actions/ words.  The recent scenario of Nani facing the wrath of cinephiles is one such example. 

In an attempt to win love of his fans, he made some statements on other hero fans which misfired. Getting into details, Nani addressed a gathering at the recent promotional event of Tuck Jagadish and mentioned that he often receives the complaints that he does not care about his fans. "I even feel that fans might have got bored with my attitude, but I want to clarify one thing that unlike other hero I don't want my fans to do the Hungama, have fan wars with others, and anoint my cut-outs with milk. But I want them to feel proud of me like my parents," added Nani. 

Although this made his fans overwhelmed, his statements have gone wrong with other heroes fans who targeted the actor on social media. Many expressed their anguish on the actor saying that his version of treating fans might be different, but it is not fair to make such derogatory comments on other heroes fans.

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