Naandhi Tuesday Magic - Box Office Analysis Of 12 Days

Naandhi Tuesday Magic - Box Office Analysis Of 12 Days

3 Mar 21 @ 1:21 PM | By GitacharYa

That Allari Naresh has scored his first hit in a long long time with Naandhi is a known fact by now. But what is the range of the success? Currently based on the latest box office numbers for the first 12 days the movie is categorised as a super hit. The distributors have reaped relatively high profits. As of this writing, Naandhi has its worldwide gross standing at Rs. 8.99 Cr. The worldwide distributor share the film has amassed is 4.79 Cr. Based on these numbers the film is categorised as super hit. 

But is that enough to pronounce the film a success? What about the budget spent on it and how much the producers (it is they who matter the most) got back? As per the official talk and tracking through sources, Naandhi was made on a budget of Rs. 7 Cr. The film is said to have sold for about 2.79 Cr. - 3.08 Cr. in terms of theatricals. As the theatricals are couped back by a large margin, the film is a commercial hit. 

Another pattern we have to consider in categorising a film is the revenue it generates on Tuesdays. Definitely the Day 4 or first Monday collections indicate the audience interest in the film, but the exact revenue pattern can be known and estimated only by how much increase or decrease a film shows on Tuesdays. As such, Naandhi has been steady on its first and second Tuesdays. A proper blockbuster always collects good moolah on its second Tuesdays. So we can say that Naandhi will have every chance of becoming a blockbuster for its buyers. 

Before concluding, Naandhi made for about Rs. 5 Cr. for the makers in terms of satellite rights and digital rights. If only digital rights are considered, as per our estimates, it received a better offer than theatricals now that the talk is highly positive and the audience interest is high. With Hindi dubbing rights yet to be estimated (no data on whether a deal is struck), the makers too are expected to make a good profit in the zone of Rs. 3 Cr. 

To conclude, Naandhi is a welcome small scale blockbuster for both its makers and stars. And the success of a film like this will certainly help such films gain traction in future. 

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