9 Best Indian Short Films About Patriotism You Should Watch

9 Best Indian Short Films About Patriotism You Should Watch

22 Jun 18 @ 7:19 PM | By Tataji Utukuri

Standing at the threshold of 70th Independence Day, the meaning of patriotism has undergone a huge transition over the years. However, the emotional attachment to the country and the tri-colour are some of the things that remain same. India is a country with wide diversity which stands as the best example of unity in diversity. No matter what, when the day arrives, August 15, we come together irrespective of our identities, we celebrate our victory by giving tributes to the national heroes who have fought for us. This Independence Day watch these short films that talk about big emotions and responsibilities one has towards our country for the perfect dose of patriotism and cinematic brilliance.

  1. Azaad

    The film combines both the British rule and free India. The narration takes you thru the struggles that our heroes faced to win the self-rule and the freedom we enjoy. This film takes on the sentimental moments of the freedom struggle. The era of black and white and the era of coloured freedom have been shown in a spectacular way. The film ends with reminding the audience that freedom is not cheap, it costed us a whole generation. 

  2. Independence day

    This short movie is produced by Desi Munde Music World, which features Manoj Bajpayee and Raveena Tandon. This movie is an example of how it would be if we hadn’t received our freedom yet. The film gives us a peek of what the struggles of life would have been if didn’t fight for it and got it. It also explains the value of our Azaadi.

  3. Proud to be Indian

    This short video is an example of our emotional connection to the flag. The two kids act of random kindness and respect is a reflection of the respect one has towards our nation. Once again it reminds us the pride of being an Indian.

  4. Tri-Colour

    ‘Tri-colour’ is another beautiful short film produced by Outlook production. This short film, in fact, reminds us of​ our responsibility and respect towards our nation. The little girls’ small act in the video brings goose bumps to everyone. Sometimes we tend to forget the value of our Tri-coloured flag which symbolises our freedom. This video also reminds us our minimal duty to respect the flag.

  5. Human

    This video shows the unity in diversity. It captures the tolerance between two different communities. Though we see a lot of differences around India between religious groups, being a human first is the common identity that binds us all together with the same thread. No matter what colour, caste, religion you belong we all live under one banner, India.

  6. I am that change

    I Am That Change is a short film featuring Allu Arjun and directed by Sukumar. The film shows the individual responsibility and the evils that our country faces. Though we are a free country there are several incidents that shake our nation, from terrorist’s attacks to corruption in the government offices. I Am That Change reiterates our simple responsible duties which can bring a bigger change.

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  8. Jana Gana Mana

    Jana Gana Mana is a short film produced by Pocket films. This film shows the ground reality of Indian literacy. Though there is a vast development there are still a lot of gaps in the field of education and poverty. This short film shows the two sides of the country, the educated and the child labours. The interesting fact is that they both share an ​equal level of love and respect towards the nation and the tri-coloured flag.

  9. To freedom

    To Freedom shows the present scenario of India. The misuse of freedom and its consequences are narrated in a metaphorical manner​. Though the video doesn’t have words, it speaks volumes about the consequences of misuse of Azaadi.

  10. National Anthem by Kids

    No matter where we are or what we do, when we listen to the national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” we stand in respect. Everyone in the country knows this song and probably the only song which unites us all in accord. When you hear the anthem a certain pride and joy envelop​ our hearts, such is the beauty and attachment of the song. The only thing that can perhaps make it better is a bunch of kids singing the song in their innocent and honest voices. Here is a rendition of the National anthem by kids.