Movierulz - The Hub of Online Movie Piracy

Movierulz - The Hub of Online Movie Piracy

23 May 19 @ 5:03 PM | By Team Pycker

Movierulz is one of the go-to websites for those who want to watch movies online for free. But at what cost?

Online piracy is the biggest problem the film industries worldwide facing these days. A couple of hours after the film hits the screens, a copy of the movie gets uploaded to sites like movierulz etc. People don’t hesitate to search with keywords like movierulz Telugu Movies, movierulz Malayalam Movies, movierulz Tamil Movies etc. We have already discussed Tamilrockers and the story behind their piracy and now we take a closer look at movierulz.

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While few authorities try to shut down the websites like movierulzz, they come up with a new domain extension.

None of the film industries are keeping it mum when it comes to the circulation of illegal copies of the movies online, among various websites. But how the prints of the movies enter the dark web? In what way the movies are getting pirated?

The simple way is paying kids or teens to record the movie in theaters in smaller cities and towns. The movie pirates pay about 1000 - 1500 rupees for a movie. The quality of the print dictates the payment. The higher the quality of the print, obviously the higher the payment.

The next method is a bit complicated. It involves a lot of guts and a lot of money. It starts when press previews or when premieres for industry big shots happen. Producers obviously want to show their film to those who may influence the audience, distributors, and get the buzz for their movie. In such preview theaters, the guys who pirate movies make a deal with studio staff. They get the raw print of the movie from there.

One more method is overseas previews. This method is just like the process that happens here in the Indian market. In the United States, they pirate the movie with the help of theater staff and by copying from the hard drives, before it is released here, or on release, or a few hours later via the W.F.D. Worldwide Film Distribution technology. The American time zone is ahead of the Indian time zone. So the overseas preview happens early before the movie is released here. So a pirated version of the movie, if made, can be uploaded before the domestic release. And people are getting a chance to watch the movie before it is released here in the theaters. Which, could be also out of curiosity. For the producers to make quick money and create buzz and positive mood for the film if it is any good, overseas previews play a major role. But the pirated versions released on the web before the theatrical release is actually damaging the movies domestic box office performance.   

Why overseas? Theater and Slot rentals are cheaper, and the margin you make is really high. Say, for example, if a ticket is priced at 15 dollars, this translates to more than 1000 rupees. Who pays an amount of 1000 rupees to watch a movie except die hard fans? And theaters are miles away to reach which is the other reason for people to opt for a pirated version on the web. But overseas early shows bring a lot of margins.

That’s where Worldwide Film Distribution comes into play. WFD technology is used by all the major multiplexes. With this technology, they just have to stream the movie. Means, the movie is uploaded in their secure server, spread across three to four different servers, and they give the multiplex people link of each part, as and when required. The whole movie, depending on 2D or 3D, is divided into 4 or 2 parts and stored on different servers. They are secure systems, and one can’t touch them. But the links have to come to theaters right? That’s where the men of movie piracy come in.

When the links arrived at the theater they treat it as a double route. (Double route – The multiplex can hold several screens and play the movie in very few minutes variance in different screens on the same day when there's demand. The operators use the link twice, one for projection and other for laptop recording. There won’t be any doubt on these since people might think that is been used for the second screen obviously). In some countries, these links are to be forwarded to the multiplexes not just minutes before, but two hours before the screening. A lot of time, isn’t it?

Illegal websites procure quality prints of movies in any of the above-mentioned methods. They either get in touch with the producers or various torrent sites and money flows into their hands.

Recently, some illegal website owners are allegedly arrested by the police. The websites are banned and ceased. But if one website is closed, another one comes out. They just change the domain names

While there are many websites to watch and download movies legally, many people still search for websites like movierulzz.  Even when Google applied a blanket ban on such websites, people don’t stop going to the websites. Google’s alternatives like Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Bing etc. are still showing the websites in their search results. It provides links for Telugu movies, Tamil MoviesHindi movies, and every other Indian language movie, unlike Tamilrockers which focuses more on South Indian movies.

Stopping piracy is as impossible as exceeding light velocity. But one bright spot amidst the bleak atmosphere is industry bigwigs like Vishal are taking all measures to expose and stop piracy. Stopping Rajinikanth's Kaala piracy is one such act.

India stands fourth in accessing the movie piracy sites. The world’s deadliest online piracy website is created by the Indians.

Watching piracy is not just illegal, it may one day lead to a lack of entertainment for obvious reasons. It is just like avoiding ads on websites. If we use ad-blockers, the content creators cannot get the means to pay the bills. If they don’t get money, content won’t be created. Who wants to work for free for eternity?

Similarly, watching pirated versions of the movies online for free results in the decrease of returns for the makers. Pirated copies of the movies are the obvious choice due to an increase in ticket price which is resulting in more free watching. A vicious circle. The answer is with us. Pay and watch legally. The arrival of video streaming sites and apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video people started to stream movies for cheap. But still…free is the buzzword, not many can resist the temptation to get things for free. As long as there is demand for freebies, websites like these prosper.

 Nowadays, movierulz has been uploading some popular Hollywood films on their website in various Indian languages. Despite multiple reports and rumours that the people behind this are arrested, they seem not to have slowed down in their so-called mission of bringing out the latest prints of all the latest released movies.

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