Mollywood's Star Kids - Not Products Of Nepotism

Mollywood's Star Kids - Not Products Of Nepotism

6 Jul 20 @ 4:27 PM | By Divya Nair

The topic of nepotism has always grabbed spotlight in all film industries. And many top actors with no film background had admitted that they struggled their way to the top beating all odds and discrimination. But, do star kids have it easy? No! Agreed that there is an easy backdoor entry for the star kids, but they have to prove themselves to sustain in the industry.

Why is that the topic of nepotism heats up only in the film industry? In all industries, the progeny of the top personnel inherit the position - be it to the top management of a corporate or in politics, but no one complains. But luckily, the star kids of Mollywood did not give an opportunity to the critics to question their talent. The top league of young artists of the industry - Actors like Prithviraj, Dulquer Salmaan, Fahadh Faasil, the multi-faceted Vineeth Sreenivasan are all star kids but we know how they reached this height and achieved their present fame. Do you think it is because of nepotism? An outright No. They have proved their caliber and worth time and again and have showcased what they are capable of.

Prithviraj was auditioned by director Faasil and later recommended by him for Ranjith's Nandanam. Similarly, Fahadh Faasil made a forgettable debut with his dad's film. After the debacle, he schooled to become a good actor and made a dashing re-entry into the tinsel world. All the star kids have proved that they are not here by sheer luck and that there is no short-cut to success and they too had to tread on a path laden with struggles, just like others.

And the recent entry to the list of terrific performers is star kid Anna Ben, daughter of screen writer Benny Nayarambalam. She debuted with the blockbuster Kumbalangi Nights and she landed the role after clearing rounds of auditions. And know what, she never disclosed to anyone that her dad held a respectable name in the industry. She did not want to embarrass her dad in case if she does not get through. She had decided to figure it out herself if she could pull it off and she had no qualms of being rejected if the auditions were fair. Once her lineage became public, she became extra cautious about not ruining her dad's name by rubbing herself in the wrong way. So the pressures on the star kids are inevitable and they too have to go through the hassles of toiling hard to reach the pinnacle, in addition to not damaging the goodwill and respect enjoyed by their famous parents.

Ultimately, capitalizing on the the lineage has its limitations. Success does not come easy.  It is hard work, skill, grit and perseverance that can make everyone, star kids included, to sustain the cut-throat competition.

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