Midnight Murders Review: Highly Gripping Gritty Serial Killer Thriller

Midnight Murders Review: Highly Gripping Gritty Serial Killer Thriller

21 Feb 21 @ 4:36 PM | By GitacharYa

Anjaam Pathiraa... Meaning the Fifth Midnight is a Malayalam thriller in the lines of highly acclaimed Tamil thriller Rakshasan. There are two notable differences though. The protagonist here is a psychologist and an expert criminologist who helps Kochi Police. But he doesn't lead the investigation. The other difference is the killer is not a devil like in the case of Rakshasan. More details than this will spoil the fun of watching this gripping and well constructed thriller. 

This film is now available in Telugu as Midnight Murders on Aha Videos who are known for high quality selection of films and top-notch dubbing. Well known Malayalam actor Kunchacko Boban plays the role of Anwar, the criminologist who uses forensic science to help the police solve cases. Currently a police officer in Kochi is kidnapped and later his body is left in a gypsum field. Eyes and heart removed. 

When another police officer is abducted and his remains are found in the backyard of a police station. With it is a Lady Justice figurine. Anwar notices the clue as he finds similar figurine was also left in the place where the corpse of the previous officer was found. We know what happens but cannot guess what happens in the end. 

Malayalam fan favourite actor Kunchacko played a role which is atypical of him. He acted it. Unnimaya Prasad played the role of DCP Catherine Maria IPS - the chief investigative officer. She looked tough and vulnerable at the same time and is impressive. The director Midhun Manuel Thomas made a highly gripping film. He had shown complete command over his craft. Narration is stunningly good and the technical departments have done a brilliant job. The director used the unusual double decoy technique. 

Aha Videos which presents this film has done a stellar job with dubbing work as usual and the watching experience is good. Highly recommended.

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