Mega Strategy Behind Charan Mohan - Slow And Steady Wins Race

Mega Strategy Behind Charan Mohan - Slow And Steady Wins Race

6 Nov 20 @ 10:20 AM | By GitacharYa

Ram Charan is a shrewd businessman. In business there are no sentiments, no if's, no but's. What works is what's considered important. That is the reason why he left experimentation once Orange failed. He left his pan-India ambitions once Zanjeer proved a futile exercise. He's a quick learner. Once he considers something, he works his heart out to make it commercially viable. Reason for his relative low percentage of outright commercial failures.

Now, he's busy with S. S. Rajamouli's RRR. Rise Roar Revolt. Roudram Ranam Rudhiram. On one side his co-star and fellow Tollywood star hero Young Tiger N. T. R. is targeting pan-India stardom and planning his films accordingly (as it's certain that RRR will launch him nationwide in a big way), Ram Charan's apparent laid back attitude towards his next films is baffling.

But those who have observed his career closely, one thing is certain. He takes calculated risks than going all out. He knows what his stardom looks like after RRR. But what everyone misses so easily is, with the exception of Prabhas, no one... literally no one scored a Hit after a Rajamouli film. The sky-high image and the unrealistic expectations clearly spoil the choices and decisions. It is very obvious that Ram Charan now is planning to emulate Jakkanna himself.

After scoring a big hit with a high concept project, go small. Downplay expectations. Play it safe. And let the euphoria die down. Maryada Ramanna after Magadheera. Not Orange after Magadheera. So, he's collaborating with Mohan Raja for a deliberately smaller scale action thriller which is sure to make noise locally. The sequel to Thani Oruvan - Dhruva. If the film becomes a big success, it can obviously launch a franchise or a remake in Bollywood or even a new bigger offers will flood. An actor who after the high of Rajamouli blockbuster scoring a super hit on his own.

Or the failure (in worst case scenario) won't cause trouble because, it'll still be a financial success. In the known territory. It's a clever decision. Acharya will give him chance to share the screen with his Mega Star father. And the next film after RRR will give him a success streak. One big blockbuster and a big failure combination is always inferior to a streak of hit films. Stardom intact. And no durghatnas in the way. More importantly, no dependence on Bolly moguls.

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