Mega Fans Great Gesture For Film Theatre Workers Win Hearts

Mega Fans Great Gesture For Film Theatre Workers Win Hearts

1 Jul 20 @ 4:17 PM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

Of late, fans of star heroes have been in the news for very many bad issues. But amidst such running news, here’s one incident which will make the heroes’ and the others groups of the hero’s fans chests rise with pride.

Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s fan-association, Rashtra Ram Charan Yuva Shakthi, which has been around 10 years comes up with a heartening gesture which is not thought of by many others. It is known that due to the corona related lockdown, theatres and the workers who depend on them are out of work and are among the most suffering groups due to the lack of work. With no sight of theatres getting opened in near future, they’re in dire situation.

Now, the Rashtra Ram Charan Yuva Shakthi group is now supplying those whose lives are dependent on theatres with daily necessities and sufficient number of sanitisers and masks. This gesture is not only winning praise, the youngsters should be helped by those who can. After all, we all love to watch movies in theatres. And we better contribute our bits to save them.


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