Meera Vs NTR: Mad Fans Bring Bad Name To Their Favorite Stars

Meera Vs NTR: Mad Fans Bring Bad Name To Their Favorite Stars

4 Jun 20 @ 6:18 PM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

It has become so common for celebs to participate in live chats with fans on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram. The #AskCelebName hashtag trends and the fans who are lucky gets an answer from the celebs. This will make the fans happy. And help the celeb to directly address the audience and dispel any rumours that are in circulation. All well and good. Right?

NO! Says the latest happenings and recent trends. It has become common for fans of big stars to arm twist actresses (especially younger and upcoming) to talk positively or highly about their favourite heroes. When some actress say she couldn’t comment because she had no idea about that particular actor, fans of that actor start trolling the actress. The recent example is Meera Chopra who was threatened by the fans of NTR who hurled abuses and rape threats. Some even abused her family.

This has gone too long and the actress filed a complaint with the police and also tagged NTR in her post to help her and make the fans get some sense. Not all fans are bad per se. True fans may let the others know the greatness of their favourite hero and win the hearts of the others. This will give respect to their own star hero. But abusing and making serious threatening comments reflect badly in their own stars. Let’s see how and when this ends. Hope sense prevails.

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