MANI RATNAM - The Master of Multi-starrers

MANI RATNAM - The Master of Multi-starrers

17 Jul 20 @ 5:49 PM | By Divya Nair

Who is a director - The captain of the ship called film. And who is a good captain - Somebody who can steer his ship in the right direction by ensuring that the inmates reach their destination safe and sound. More the crew, more are the challenges for the captain. Likewise, more the star actors on board, bigger the risk. Because, the director has to ensure the happiness of not only the stars but also their fans. The director should be adept at handling the working styles of the bigger cast members. And pulling off multi-starrers is no mean feat. That requires a separate skill set. And who else better that maverick filmmaker Mani Ratnam!

The man seems to have a penchant towards multi-star films. Who else can cast and make a film with two of the biggest stars of different film industries as in Tamil classic Thalapathi, in which he cast Kollywood supremo Rajinikanth and Mollywood kingmaker Mammootty. It features as one of the best multi-starrers of Indian cinema. And Mani Ratnam has stamped his signature all over it. He knows to give equal screen space to his top actors without compromising on the quality of his work. And why would top actors be hesitant to be a part of a multi-starrer, It is Mani Ratnam's film, after all. Which top actor would be insane enough to let go of a Mani Ratnam film?

Mani's dual hero films are many. But having 3 or more top actors for a film - that only Mani Ratnam can perfect. Mani gave films like Yuva/Aaytha Ezhuthu, Chekka Chivantha Vaanam that had the top actors of the industry competing to impress Mani Ratnam first, the audience only next. And his Magnum Opus Ponniyin Selvan is keenly observed by all film industries alike due to its huge star cast. And we are 200 percent confident that Ponniyin Selvan will add another feather to his already overcrowding cap of the director. 

Mani Ratnam being 'Ratnam', we will not settle down for anything less than the best from him. He is THE MASTER of multi-starrers.

Thalapathi Ponniyin Selvan Aaytha Ezhuthu Thiruda Thiruda Chekka Chivantha Vaanam Raavanan Agni Natchathiram Vaanam Kottattum (as Producer) Yuva Raavan Nerrukku Ner (as Producer) Mouna Ragam
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